Saturday, December 24, 2011

'twas the night before Christmas

Sorry for the lack in posting. P is home and we've been spending so much time together, and I'm having Internet issues. I promise to be back after the new year :)!

Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Home for Christmas

It's finally here, P will be here tomorrow!

Work today was sorta sucky.  I wasn't super busy and after going 3 days with not much stomach pain I had major pain all day.  Wish I could get in to see a doctor before the middle of January, but I'll have to be patient..

 I got home did some minor cleaning, made Violet a Christmas ribbon necklace,  and just decided to relax.  Doing my typical pre seeing P routine of face mask, painting nails, etc.  Tomorrow I just have to finish cleaning and wait for him to get here.  I can't wait for all the fun we are going to have over the next two weeks.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

P will be here in only 2 days! So excited for 2+ weeks together!

I have a new follower!! Yippee!

All the rain we got yesterday wasn't snow, they say it would have equaled over 10 inches!

The new washer is A-MAZ-ING!  I have already done 5 loads between last night and this morning! I want to get a bunch of house stuff washer for my mom before she gets back from Florida.

The house smells like yumminess.  I made cinnamon apple sauce last night and 4 mini loaves of Chocolate Chip Walnut Banana Bread this morning.

I finally found an awesome and reasonably priced esthetician that's really close to my work. She also thought I was 6 years younger than I am :), extra big tip for that!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sugar and Spice

I am so nearly done getting ready for Christmas.  This weekend my mom and I did all of our cookies.

Frosted Sugar Cookies

Butter Cookies, Apricot and Raspberry Linzor Tortes (my Oma's recipe)
Yes we have 2 coffee pots!

Yesterday and today I wanted to wrap up all the little last minute things I still needed. Ran to Hallmark, Target, and World Market.  My closest friend came over today for a visit.  We colored her hair and had lunch.  I made Potato Spinach Smoked Turkey Sausage Soup using a Bear Creek soup starter.  I also made a loaf of whole wheat beer bread.  She brought a delish salad.

I also managed to make 2 gallons of white chocolate chex mix and 4.5 gallons of savory chex mix.  And wrapped all my Christmas gifts.

Sorry for the blurry pic!

P will be her in 4 days and I don't want to have to worry about getting Christmas stuff done then, just be able to enjoy our time together.  I'll just have a few appetizers, bread, and a breakfast casserole to make, and I know he'll help.  

As for the rest of the week I have the house to myself. My mom and Steve are in Florida until Sunday.  I plan on my usual pre-P prep and finally doing laundry since we got the new washer today.

My head seems to always spin near the holidays.  But somehow it all gets done.

Violet resting after her "paw-i-cure"

Friday, December 9, 2011

Skype Stories

So P's ball is tonight.  I am really bummed out that I am not there.  He didn't tell me until shortly before Thanksgiving.  Along with him waiting to tell me about it until there was no possible way to plan to go, it would have also been hard to get time off this time of the year.  I have done pretty well with the distance lately, but today was super duper hard.  I am sure it's because I know he was getting all dressed up and I wasn't going with him.  I am really lucky since he sent a pic of him in his dress uniform and some really sweet text.

My mom and I had planned on making a ton of Christmas cookie dough tonight so we can bake like crazy.  We got 2 types of fudge done and 6 doughs chilling. I also made 12 half pints of body scrub to give as gifts.  I'll post that recipe and photos later.

We haven't seen my sister since July, she lives in Minnesota.  I suggested to my mom that they skype with each other.  So I got my mom, sister, and Steve all set up on skype.  It was really entertaining and awesome to see my sister.

I am grateful to have my mom and Steve around tonight to help keep me busy and not lonely :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

P will be home in only 9 days!
I have all my Christmas shopping done with and just have to wrap it up!

It is December 8th and there is no snow!

Saturday my mom and I are going to bake Christmas cookies together!
I have gone 6 days with absolutely no caffeine!

I had a nice birthday, even though I had to work and was home alone last night.  Plus I got the most gorgeous flowers ever sent to work from P 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Birthday Box

I got my birthday box from P last night (Monday).  I couldn't wait to get home after being at work for what felt like a millions years.  I stayed late to get my hair done, it was very needed.

I rushed home and got onto Skpye.  P was laughing earlier in the day because I was so excited to Skype since I really don't care for it.  I was looking forward to seeing his face and getting to open all my gifts. 

He wrapped everything so cutely in colored tissue paper and even put a bow on one of the packages.  He later told me he wanted to put a ribbon around all four sides but realized he had no clue how to do it, I thought this was SO funny.

He gave me a really cute Christmas apron that I can wear while my mom and I cook Christmas dinner.
A Christmas coffee/coco mug.  I tried to get a 1/2 coffee 1/2 hot chocolate in Indiana and the girl at Starbucks was totally confused and could not make it :) so now I can make my own.  I got Wisps for when I HAVE to brush my teeth at random moments.  A pooping reindeer.  My most favorite gift a fabulous gift card to Victoria's Secret.  And a Blue Tooth thing for my car because he is the safest person I know and hates that I talk and drive.

I started posting yesterday morning at the laundry mat since we still don't have a washer.  I had a great day once the laundry mat part over with.  Did some hair, did ALL of my Christmas shopping, and had a birthday dinner with Marissa.  I got P's Christmas gift and can not wait to give it to him :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

When it rains it pours

This weekend was a crazy crazy weekend. 

It all started on Thursday morning when I noticed my shower wouldn't drain.  This lead to me discovering the basement was flooded, which lead to my mom having to have MAJOR plumbing work done.  Some where along the day there was a geyser of crap that came up my shower drain.  Fun times cleaning after work.

Friday morning I walk into the kitchen and shut the back hall door.  A wine rack that was holding 6 bottles of wine and 10+ glasses fell off the wall and broke everywhere!

Friday I went and did some Christmas shopping and helped Kelly from work look for some outfits for her engagement pictures.  When I got home I was going to relax, have dinner and do laundry.  Then the washer broke.  Full of my laundry and water!

Friday night I started having stomach pains again. I took some TUMS chatted with P and tried to relax.  It was a restless night and finally gave in to the pain and got up early.  I talked with my mom and she thought I was having Gall Bladder issues.  She convinced me to go to the ER.  So I had a bunch of tests and an ultrasound.  They told me I had a large gallstone and needed surgery within the month.  Then came back in the room 15 minutes later saying "Opps you don't have a gallstone"!!  Very confusing especially due to the heavy drugs they gave me.  In the end they said I have gastritis, which is basically inflammation of the inside of your stomach. 

I got nothing done I had planned on Saturday since we were at the ER for several hours and then I slept ALL. DAY. LONG!  I have tried eating twice since I have gotten home and it has been a VERY painful experience.  I plan on calling a GI specialist this week.

P was so supportive and sweet though it.  Of course reminding me to worry about being healthy not about getting stuff done for Christmas.  I am so lucky to have him.

This week will have lots going on including my first trip to a laundry mat in about 5 years!  YIPPEE!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

  •  Violet is handling wearing her cone much better today
  • It's December, which means P will be home in just over 2 weeks
  • I have plans with friends to go Christmas shopping twice in the upcoming week.  And probably little for me too :)
  • I saw the light last night and am not going to get all crazy stressed out about not doing as much for Christmas as I did last year.  My life is in a flux and that's totally OK :)

 Violet with her cone and wrapped up booboo, she's NOT happy I am taking a picture of her!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Halls are Decked

It was back to work for me today.  I am still feeling in the dumps but there was no possible way I could not go into the salon.  I was pretty much totally booked today and for the rest of the week, which is great. 

When I got home I noticed Violet was limping really bad.  She somehow cut one of the pads on her paw.  It's a super deep cut.  I cleaned it out and put on a ton of neosporin and her cone of shame.  I hope a few days of this helps it heal so we don't have to head to the vet.  She seems really uncomfortable but I think it's more from having to wear the cone then the cut.

I decided to not wait until Saturday to put my tree up and listen to my the best Christmas album ever....Maria Carry!!  I put the tree plus just a few other Christmas decorations.  I took a few pictures but the lighting is off so I am going to try in the morning in natural lighting.

  It seems a little hard to totally get into the Christmas spirit this year.  I miss having my own house and especially kitchen.  I was feeling a little guilty thinking about not going all out with cookies. The more I thought about it I remembered I have tons of Christmas's in my future, I don't have to go crazy with baking this year.  Ahhhh the Catholic Guilt :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A froggy feeling

I have a pretty nasty cold.  Along with having a total frog voice I am running a fever.  Boo!  I stayed home from work yesterday and today was my normal day off.  I forced myself to shower and run errands.  I think once you get moving it can help ya feel better.  I just ran to Target and the dentist.  Nothing exciting except finding awesome new Cool Touch Kleenex's.  Going to Target made me really want to get my tree up.  Hopefully I can on Saturday once I feel a little better and can clean at the afterwards.

If anyone it still taking advantage of Cyber Monday sales today, Victoria's Secret has buy one bra get one half off.  The code is "doubleup"  and free shipping code is "25freeship".  Happy Christmas shopping, or shopping for yourself :)!

Monday, November 28, 2011

So much to be thankful for

What a great holiday weekend!  P and I had such a great time together with our families over the weekend! I am home sick today with a super nasty cold and almost no voice.

We started of by me picking him up and headed down to Indy.  I loved the car ride down there, so nice to have a few hours alone.  We were able to catch up and just enjoy being close again.  His family was great.  I was able to meet his sister and more extended family from his dads side.  Everyone was really nice and easy to be with.  The food of course was really good.  His aunt made a family bread recipe called Firehouse Bread, it was REALLY yummy.  Of course I ate to many carbs! 

Friday  we went to a great little town in Southern Indiana called Nashville. The drive was so pretty, gorgeous hills and trees.  P's sister rode with us.  It was nice to get time to talk just with her.  We did lots of window shopping with the whole family and took time time on our own.  We went to lunch at a really cute old restaurant.  They served these really yummy fried biscuits with the best apple butter ever!  I could have just had those :).  I picked up a cool Christmas gift for my mom and two handmade clay bowls for myself. 

Saturday we headed back to my mom's for a party she was having.  P and I got some stuff ready for dinner, relaxed from the drive,  and then headed to mass with my mom and Steve.  We both loved the priest, his homily was so good.  I think we were both happy to have gone together.

The party was fun.  There was so much yummy food, talking, and laughing.  P's parents sent us back with a cheesecake they had made, it was a big hit. 

Sunday of course had to come.  I always hate the last day.  It didn't help I woke up with the starts of a nasty cold.  We relaxed and slept in a little.  P had to back his stuff.  Violet sat with him watching him pack and demanding he take breaks to pet her.  We had bunch at my favorite place.  Then went and saw the Muppet's.  It was nice because the theater had movable armrests.  We were able to sit nice and close to enjoy some time being near before he left.  The airport goodbye always sucks.  We only have about 3 weeks until he's back again.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gobble

I made it though the week!  It's was AMAZING and TIRING!  I am going to treat myself to a new Coach purse I saw on their factory store website earlier this week.

P get here at 0'Dark Thirty tomorrow.  I am really really excited to see him.  For some reason this time apart was really hard for me. And it was only 10 days!!  I think part of it was the week after we see each other I usually get to bask in the after glow of the trip, he's always soooo extra sweet.  This time he was in the field right away so we didn't talk for 6 days and then I went into my busy week.  It will be great to have time together again so soon.

I probably won't post again until next week.  I want to enjoy every minute of the long holiday weekend

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pumpkin Cheesecake

Ok, so I am posting another recipe.  I promise it's the last one for a while.  I made a marbled pumpkin cheese cake to bring with us to Indy.  I LOVE anything pumpkin and P really likes cheesecake from what he tells me ;).  It's a pretty easy cake to make, but it cooks for a looooong time.  This is a recipe I adapted from Epicurious, one of my most favorite websites.  Speaking of websites I just found out Coach has an outlet site now.  It's just trouble, I wanted at least 5 purses!

Marbled Pumpkin Cheesecake

Ginger Snap Crust:
Make a fine crumb from about 25 ginger snaps, should be about 1 1/2 C
5TB melted butter
1/3C Sugar
1/8t Salt

Mix ingredients together and pressing to the bottom and about 1in up a springform pan.

3 8oz packages of cream cheese
1 3/4C sugar
3TB flour
5 large eggs
1/2t vanilla
2 large egg yolks
1t cinnamon
1t pumpkin pie spice
15oz can of pumpkin, or even better make your own pumpkin puree!  I make my own

Beat cream cheese, sugar, and flour until smooth.  Add one egg at a time then vanilla, beat on slow until incorporated.  Take about 3 cups of the filling, I like putting it in a Pyrex cups with a spout.  Beat in the yolks, spices, and pumpkin into remaining filling until smooth.

Pour half of pumpkin filling into the crust.  I like to use a ladle to do this.  Then drizzle half of the plain.  Repeat with the rest of the fillings.  Use a butter knife to gently marble through the filling using a figure 8 patterned.  Be sure to not touch the crust.

I like to place the cake in the middle of the oven.  On the lower rack I usually cover it with tin foil to catch drips and also put water in a cookie sheet to add some steam in the oven.

Bake at 350 for 20 min, then at 300 for 1 1/2 hours.  Turn oven off and leave it in for another 20 min.  Cool and chill in the fridge, you can make this several days before you plan on serving.  Very yummy with homemade whipped cream.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sassy Tassie

I can't believe it's only Tuesday Monday (I first posted Tuesday opps!!!).  I feel like I'm running 5,000 miles a minute.  Work is insanely busy, which I love.  Plus I've already gotten so much done for the holiday.  I got to talk with P for the first time in 6 days last was great!  Tonight I made Pecan Tassies.  They are cute bite size versions of pecan pie.

Pecan Tassies
1/2 C room temp. margarine
3oz room temp cream cheese
1C Flour
Mix all three ingredients in a food processor until a ball forms.  Place dough in a ball in a freezer while you make the filling.

1 egg slightly beaten
1t melted margarine
3/4C brown sugar
Dash of salt
1/2C chopped pecans
1/2t vanilla

Mix filling ingredients together.  Make 24 balls from the dough and press into mini-muffin pan.  Fill each "cup" with a scant tablespoon of filling.  Bake at 350 for 20-24 min.  Cool and store in a tin.  Makes 24

I love the book this recipe is in.  Right before my mom married my dad in 1978 (they are divorced now) she filled a spiral notebook with hand written recipes. I love that they are all in her hand writing.  There are a few recipes in her mom's writing also.  There is even a post card from a trip she took me and my sister on to Boston, it's was in 1988.  The pages are stained and worn from many years of cooking.  I love love this book.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Olive Tapenade

I made a bunch of stuff today to get ready for Thanksgiving next weekend.  Since P and I are headed to Indiana to see some of his family my mom is having a Thanksgiving party next Saturday so she can have time with us and some family friends.  I wanted to have stuff that is all ready for when we get back.  I made tapenade, which is always a hit.  Here is the recipe for you to enjoy

I am REALLY bad at measuring.  So these are amounts that may not be exact, but I don't think cooking should be!

Olive Tapenade
2 cups pitted Kalamata olives
10 oz jar Pimento stuffed green olives, drained
3 Tb capers
1/4 C Sun Dried Tomatoes
1 Lemon zested and juiced
4-5 Anchovy Fillets
1tb Red Pepper Flakes
1/4 C Olive Oil
1/4 C (or a bit less) Red Wine Vinegar
1-2 Garlic Cloves
1Tb Dried Italian herbs ( or fresh...but it's winter here so dried it is!)

Throw everything in your food processor and pulse to a finer chop.  It's best when it can chill in the fridge for a few days.  And keeps for a really really long time.  I serve it on top of a toasted slice of french bread smeared with goat cheese.  Also good mixed with tuna for a healthier tuna salad.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week I am most thankful for
P will be home in 1 week and we are off to have our first holiday together

The heat fix-it guy will hopefully be here later today. My mom's boiler is not working and it's COLD
P will be back to his home sometime this weekend and we can talk.  I am really missing our nightly talks

My computer is fixed.  Although I think they did a really craptastic job at least I can get on the Internet
Having this Saturday off.  I really excited to get stuff ready for next week

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am definitely back in the swing of normal non-P life.  Work is of course crazy as usual.  Next week will be the busiest of the year.

I only work until 4 on Wednesdays so after work I tried to take advantage of the free afternoon.  For Thanksgiving P is flying in early that morning and we are headed to his Aunt's house in Indiana to meet up with his family.  I of course always have to bring something with. I am going to make a pumpkin cheesecake since I think it will travel well.  And homemade Chex mix.  I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some random stuff and the chex indigents.  Although homemade Chex Mix is WAY yummier, it's also WAY more expensive.  But I guess it's the holidays and what better time to splurge.  I'll post both recipes later this week

P is in the field and we won't be able to talk until maybe Sunday.  It's funny that it's possible to miss him more when he's already gone.  At least I am working everyday except this Saturday until he comes home.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This past weekend was total bliss!  I wish I could have posted about it sooner, but I got a nasty virus on my computer and it was getting fix for the past 5 days.  I finally got it back today...I am sad because all my saved favorite sites are gone.  I know a weird thing to be sad about.

My weekend visiting P was better than I could have ever imagined.  It got off to a really really rocky start though.

Got to the airport 2 hours early, checked in, and found my gate.
Was enjoying my Starbucks when I realized "Gosh we should have boarded"
Found a person from United....
They said my gated had changed!!!
I could see my plan as it pulled away.
Totally sadness
They confirmed me on a flight 7 hours later and put me on a stand-by list for a flight 2 hours later
Walk what felt like a mile to the new gate in high heel boots
Stand-by flight was booked
Walked by what felt like a mile in high heel boots back to original gate
Started losing my mind, got very sad
Gave myself a blood blister from my suitcase
In line for a latte several milk crates full of gallons of milk fell and broke, spattered milk all over my back
Finally got on the plane for the rockiest ride ever
Landed, saw P, got a kiss
All was good again

Needless to say its was a long day.  But made seeing him all that much better.  Since I got there so much later we decided to got straight to his apartment and catch up a little.  Plus I really wanted to brush my  We went out for dinner at Texas Road house.  It was awesome.  Felt like a normal Friday night date, nothing crazy.  The wait was long but they had the Carrier Classic on and we were able to talk.  Dinner was sooooo yummy.  I seriously think they have crack in their buns and butter!  After we just relaxed back at his place.

Saturday we got a nice lazy start.  I become this totally relaxed person with him.  We went out for breakfast near his house.  It's a place he had wanted to try because they have a big breakfast challenge type thing.  The food was really good.  The potatoes were amazing!  Next time we go there I will probably just get them. From there we headed to the winery.  The tasting was so good.  We really liked one of the whites, and he's planning on bringing some home for Christmas.  They gave us a tour which was extremely interesting.  I feel like we also learned a lot about the area.  From there we went to the post he works on.  He gave me a little tour and we did some shopping.  We decided that going to the grocery store together to get stuff to make for dinner was our favorite part of the whole weekend!  We made a super yummy dinner together and relaxed at home.

I loved that the weekend was fill with low key normal couple stuff.  I feel like we both appreciate everyday such so much since we don't get to to everyday.  The littlest things become so much more special.  Sunday was time to head home again.  Staying good-bye is the worst.  I think no matter how much time we had together it's still really hard.  The awesome thing is he'll be here in 9 days. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I think dreams are so interesting.  I believe it's our subconscious talking to us...

I have had the wackiest dreams this week.  I think I am having some anxiety, although I feel pretty calm.  Or I could just be exhausted.

So far this week I have dreamt:
I was 6 hours late for work and was getting fired
I fell asleep at the airport waiting for my flight to see P and missed the flight
That P broke up with me, was super mean and refused to talk with me

These are all crazy things that would never happen in real life.  Thank goodness!

I got a good chunk of packing done last night.  I think I did really great at only packing for 2 days.  Usually I bring several outfit options, not this time.  One sweater for each day!  Although I may throw in an extra top or two just in case :)

Monday, November 7, 2011


I wish I had more to post about this week.  I feel like the only thing going on is work.  I have been really busy there and pretty much come home and melt into my bed.  Except for tonight where I came home from work and did a house client.  Yes I need to learn to say "no I am a little busy this week".  At least it was my very favorite amazing client who is a blast to talk to and now I get to watch the best rerun marathon ever....Sex in the City!

Less than 4 days until I see P!  I am really excited but and not looking forward to my VERY VERY early wake up call.  My flight leaves at 6:20 on Friday.  The airport is about an hour away, probably less without any traffic.  I am parking my car at a valet type service.  This all basically means I am getting up at 1am-ish!  I am working the night before until 9pm so I am crossing my fingers that I can lay down and get a few minutes of sleep.  Will be well worth it once I get that first big kiss and hug :)!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A whole bunch of nothings

I am working this afternoon/evening.  Oddly enough I am actually looking forward to being at work.

I love my mom's dogs, they were my childhood pets.  But I know never ever in 100 millions years will I ever own more than 2 dogs at one time.  I have to sleep with all of hers tonight and I am already dreading it...they (the dogs) barely sleep and are uber needy.

I showed my friend Kelly how to make Key Lime Pie last night.  I have made it at least 100 times before (OK maybe not 100 but several) and have never had an issue.  It's really the easiest pie to make.  Well I epically failed with the crust.  I think it was a butter issue.  I will have to make another for her to make up for the gross crust.

I am getting more and more excited to see P.  One of the many things I am most excited for is being able to relax.  I become so calm when I am with him.  Also there won't be any dogs or loud family members to wake us up at 6am on a Saturday.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

  • In 8 days I will be with P.  I will feel happy, relaxed, and at peace.

  • I am working every day until the day I leave.  I will be busy and not at home. 

  • I am seeing where my friend Kelly is having her wedding (it's in August) tomorrow night and then going to the restaurant that is catering it for dinner.  Fun wedding talk ahead!

  • That I recently rediscovered Victoria's Secret.  Holy cute stuff!  I am addicted!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Down Time

I rarely have two days off of work in a row, unless it time I'm taking off and then of course I have plans. I am sooooo bored today. I ran some errands and got lunch. I want to pack for my trip to see P next week, but it's too soon and I know it will lead to over packing.

I actually wish I was at work! I know this sounds weird or sad. Right now work is my happy place, much more positive then home right now.

I have plans to meet my friend Marissa tomorrow for outlet shopping and lunch. I think I am going to actually start my Christmas shopping :) I have some vague ideas for P. I don't really know who else other than P and my sister I am going to shop for this year. I don't know if my family will be doing anything for Christmas. I also don't know if I will be getting little somethings for P's family since I don't know what to expect...but that can wait until December to shop for. I know this holiday season will be up in the air and not like years past due to some unrest that's going on. The upside is P and I get to see each other a TON the next two months, actually more than we have ever spent together! WoooWhooo!

I am a total caffeine addict. I drink a pot of coffee every morning and several Diet Cokes during the day. The past two years come October I put my Diet Coke addiction to the side because of the most amazing pop ever!! Diet Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash. It is A-MAZ-ING! Tart and good. Totally worth being caffeine free

***On a side note.... I am watching some Tori Spelling show and I can totally relate to her relationship with her mom.  Seems crazy, but it's so similar to mine with my mom.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Countdown

I always start a serious countdown once I am 10 days from seeing P.  And today my friends is that day! 

10 days until a HUGE kiss and hug
10 days until cooking together
10 days until relaxing next to each other
10 days until a romantic winery trip
10 days until we visit a very old historic cider mill
10 days until utter happiness

{please excuse me I know I am a cheese ball}

In the mean time I am trying to search out groupon and  living social to find a deal for a boot camp.  In the past year-ish I have lost about 45lbs and have sort of hit a plateau.  I would love to kick start loosing more weight and also get more toned.  On top of all of that it would help fill some empty time and maybe help with my HIGH stress levels.  Hopefully I can find one some time this week :)

Sunday, October 30, 2011


What a great day at work!  I love when I start my week with a bang! I was busy busy with appointments and the rest of the week looks the same!

Blogger is having issues with their stats.  For some reason this is making me crazy!!!!  I am crossing my fingers they fix it soon. 

Tomorrow is Halloween.  I am going to take advantage of mom's and children will be busy tomorrow night and I am going to the mall.  Seems like it will be a perfect time to have the stores to myself.

I am going to start a funny collection of things not to do/say to your hair stylist, and things that are sure to annoy your hair stylist.  I think it will be funny and maybe informative.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

lonely morning

Some days the truth glares so brightly back at me.  It is usually on Friday nights and all day Saturday.  The truth is I am living here (at my mom's) and P lives in a different time zone.  Yes, I am very happy and excited that the time we have to go between seeing each other this time was only a month (last time was over two months), and we are down to less than two weeks.  This is great!  But there are days that are still really hard.  And to be totally honest feel extremely lonely.

I have done much better at not trying so hard to control the future and ask questions that there really aren't defined answers for.  But there is still a part of me that wants to know what's next.  How long will there be different time zones, plane rides, and long phone calls?????

Sorry is this sounds down, but it's how I feel this morning.  Wishing very hard we were together.

On the other hand I am looking forward tonight.  I am going to a Halloween party with a friend.  I am thinking of being a cowgirl.  I am cheap :) and it's something I can actually make with my own clothes.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thurday

  • I will be with P again in 15 days! My threshold for not seeing him is much lower this time. I just want to say FTS with the distance and be together. I am super excited to see where he lives and works, see how pretty the area is, and for the really cute day trip he wants to take to a local winery.

  • That P understands and even laughs when I get upset when he makes a joke about something I always joke about. And agrees (while chuckling) to my new rule that I am the only one who can makes jokes about it! :)

  • That I like my coffee black. I had a serious sweet craving this morning and I saw flavored coffee creamer in my mom's fridge. Holy calories and fat! Yes it was yummy, yet fake tasting, but what a waste of calories. I'd much rather eat a chocolate :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yummy Chili

I love chicken chili.  It's so simple to make and much healthier than regular chili.  I made a ton today and I wanted to share the yummy recipe and be able to link up for the Superfly Soupday link up on Jessica Lynn Writes.

I also added about a half a bag of frozen corn in at the end. You can really play with this recipe a lot. Freezes wonderfully!
Please forgive my crappy picture

White Chicken Chili

1 tablespoon olive oil
4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1 onion, chopped
40oz. chicken broth
3 (4 ounce) can diced green chilies
2 cloves garlic pressed, chopped or whatever you like
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 bunch cilantro chopped
1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper
4 (15 ounce) can cannelloni beans (don’t rinse, you can puree 1 of the cans)
2 green onions, chopped
2 ounces shredded Monterey Jack cheese
Tortilla chips
Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Cook onion and garlic in oil 4 to 5 minutes, or until onion is tender.
Put everything else in the crock pot plus salt and pepper to taste. Cook on High about 4 hours. Pull out chicken breast and shred with 2 forks, put back into crock pot.
Stir and simmer for 5 more minutes. Garnish with green onions, shredded cheese, and crushed chips.

Birthday Season

I feel like I haven't been posting much lately.  Work has gone from crazy to extremely insane.  We had a girl quit on Sunday so we are even more short about 1/2!  I feel so busy when I am there, then all I can think about is getting home and in my PJ's to curl into bed.  Therefor very little posting.  Hopefully more exciting stuff is ahead for me to share with everyone. 

Today is my little sister's birthday!  I am so happy she got her birthday box on time.  I sent a cute knitted (not by me due to being so busy) ear warmer, her favorite toffee from See's, and a gift card so she can choose perfume she wants. 
I hope she can come home at Christmas time! 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have many many things to be thankful for in my life.  But it is really late and I left the house this morning some 13 hours ago.  I am ready for bed...

So tonight all I can say is I am thankful P will be back tomorrow from his short (one day) work trip where he didn't bring a phone to so I can talk with him.  And I am thankful I have my wonderful friend's house to go to for a get together on Saturday!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Both times P has come to visit I took several pictures.  Not anything creative or fancy just something for each of us to have to remember our time together.  When I was still living in my townhouse I was able to have a bunch on my fridge that I could always glance at.  P was telling me that he put up some of the newer pictures I sent from his most recent visit on his fridge.  It got me thinking how I really miss seeing the photos all the time.  So last night I put one in a frame.  Today after work I went to my favorite gift shop/Hallmark shop to get a really cool metal heart you hang on the wall.  It's by Demdaco, they have so many cool options.  I got little flower magnets and a set with an envelope, XOXO, and a heart.  It's really cute and I can change the photos when ever!

I probably spent way too much money on it, but I love it and it makes me so happy to look at!

Monday, October 17, 2011


It's cold, damp and windy here!! I officially am over living at my mom's house (it hasn't even been a month)!  I want the heat on and peace and quite.

I am really sorry to sound so pissy but I hate it here.  I keep trying to remember that it's better for P's and my unknown future.  But this afternoon I just want to say "F It" and rent an apartment tomorrow! 

It's only been a week and I miss P like crazy, I just want to be near him even if it was at least driving distance. 

 I miss my townhouse and my own space. 
I miss my couch and having my own kitchen. 
I miss my double sink bathroom.  
I miss my own thermostat! 
I miss my independence. 
But most of all I miss P tonight!

Ok so I am feeling much better :)!  Actually Skyped with P tonight.  We had tried on Saturday night with a bad connection.  I was able to use my mom's iPad tonight!  It was really cool to see each others faces.  I felt like I had the hugest smile the whole time!!  Another amazing thing is we have plans locked down for Thanksgiving!!  He has a Crack of Dawn flight in to Chicago and then we are off for two days in Indiana to see his family.  We also talked about stopping by his Alma Mater on the way back to Chicago.  Really excited to spend our first holiday together.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I'm exhausted tonight!  I have been really busy at work and am working extra hours since I took off last weekend for my weekend with P.  The money is great and I never mind having to put in extra hours if the payoff is time with P :)! 

I felt bad because I left work early today.  My stomach has been crazy for the past 4 months.  I couldn't eat all day and was in so much pain.  I keep blaming it on some on going stress.  I tried to lay down and relax when I got home, but I am so bad at that.  So I made:  roasted pumpkin for soup and freezing, pumpkin soup, pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, cranberry sauce, beer bread.  Lots of yummy food for the week.  Hopefully I get my appetite back and can eat some!

I am really excited to have my first ever Skye date tonight!  P got Internet and I have my new web cam.  I am a dork and am planning on fixing my make-up and hair before we start, hahaha!  I am really missing a lot this weekend.  I think because I keep thinking that a week ago we were together and it was so amazing!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thurday

I have so much to be thankful for this week!!

  • I am thankful I am still living in the joy from the weekend!  I had the best time ever and still feel so happy thinking about it!

  • I am thankful that when I am not my prettiest, most graceful, or rational P still loves me.  And can make it laugh about whatever it was later!

  • I love that I was reminded how much I enjoy sleeping in and relaxing in general.  It has been a looooong time since I was totally was wonderful :)

  • I am thankful I am getting my first Skype date on Saturday!! P is getting Internet and I am getting a web cam!  I am really excited to have another form of communication.

  • I am really thankful that I only have to wait 29 days to see him again.  It make the time now so much easier.  Last time we didn't know when we would see each other next, now we have 3 trips planned!  WoooooWhoooo!

I just realized this post is really focused on P, I guess I still can't stop thinking about how great last weekend was lol!  Trust me there will be lots more non relationship boring stuff ahead! :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best Weekend Ever Recap

I'm home from Milwaukee...going back to reality this afternoon!  P and I had the best weekend ever.  Both of us felt like we couldn't have ask for anything more! 

 I was able to pull off my first surprise on Friday.  I picked him up at the airport!  I knew since Wednesday last week that I was going to be able to leave work early to get him rather than my mom's boyfriend.  It was so funny to see his face when I pulled up.  He just stared at the car confused until I got out and was waving.  I was so happy.  Even better we got a jump start on heading north.

Our hotel was beyond amazing.  It's on the list of historical hotels in the US.  The room was huge and the bed was like a big cloud.

Friday night we got a little dressed up and met his parents for dinner.  It was the first time I had met them and they were both so kind and welcoming.  After dinner we went back to the hotel and had some drinks, or rather WAY too many for me, talked and laughed.  Needless to say I felt like a big poop on Saturday.  We went to one of the places P really wanted to take me to for breakfast.  All I could manage to eat was dry toast and sprite...yeah like I said WAY to many drinks on Friday....

I was so lucky that P was so understanding that we scratched our plans for the afternoon and went back to the hotel so I could nap and feel better.  I am much a lucky girl :)!!  Saturday evening we went to a family birthday party with for one of P's cousins.  It was so funny when we pulled up I was getting out of the car taking my jacket off ( it was denim and I was wearing jean so I couldn't wear it together other than to keep warm in the car lol) and I saw through the picture window that nearly his WHOLE family was watching us!!!  I was instantly super duper nervous, P laughed it off and said they weren't watching( but later admitted they were lol) and I'd be fine.  I was fine because of course his family was awesome.  All the aunts, uncles, little cousins, and again his parents we all so friendly and welcoming.  It was also really amazing to see such a close family all together since I don't have much of one.  I really loved being there.

After the party we met 2 of this friends at a bar.  The funny thing everyone from his family and friends kept asking me was if I was a Bears or Packers fan and if I was from where P is currently living.  The team thing was really funny because I don't follow sports at all.

Out to Drinks with P's Friends

Sunday was amazing.  I was feeling 100% again!!  P really wanted to watch the Packer game Sunday night.  We had originally planned for that to be our "date night"  but I was totally open to just spending time during the day together and watching the game at night.  So we decided to get lunch and a movie.  The place we went to it now one of my new favorite restaurants.  It is a Dutch style place.  The one we went to is in a really cool hipster neighborhood.  The weather all weekend was AMAZING, nothing like normal October.  We were able to sit outside.  The best thing about lunch was we tried curry was soooooo good!!  Afterwords we went to P's favorite movie theater.  A 1920's movie place.  It is insanely cool and huge.  I loved it. 

That afternoon we took advantage of the nice weather and walked along the lake front.  We talked about how nice it is to be able to do normal couple stuff together all weekend.  Dinners, riding in the car, lazy afternoons, walking and holding hands.  I have a hard time relaxing at home and the whole weekend I was calm, relaxed, and incredibly happy.

Milwaukee's Lakefront

Monday was really nice to, but we both woke up knowing he was leaving and wishing he wasn't.  We first headed to my favorite coffee place in Milwaukee and had the best pumpkin spice lattes I have ever had, the Batista even made heart designs with the milk in them!  Then we had another relaxing afternoon of lunch (same place different location...yes the curry ketchup was THAT good) walking around and driving through a neighborhood we both love and pointing out houses to each other. 

On the drive back to Chicago my anxiety kicked in...  I hate having to leave him at the airport.  This time I cried as we hugged, I wanted to leave my car and jump on the plane with him.  I made it home ok, but once I got here I was hit with a huge case of I miss him.  The great thing is though 1 month from TODAY I will be visiting him :) YAY!!

This post is getting really really long....  We had a great trip and I am sure I'll add more as the week goes on.  I am looking forward to staying really busy at work this week, a busy mind is better. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

  • I am so thankful for this warm sunny Indian summer.  I love how the colorful leaves look bathed in the sunlight

  • I am thankful that P was so wonderful last night when my stress reared it's ugly head, he let me talk to him about how I ACTUALLY feel.  I love that I can be so honest with him :)

  • I am thankful that our wonderful weekend starts tomorrow!!  There is so much I am so excited for.... seeing him for the first time in two months, meeting his family and friends, just having a ton of fun together in general!  Plus some fun surprises!

  • I am SO thankful I got my work blow dryer back today!!  I dropped it (our little secret) at work 2 weeks ago.  Luckily I buy dryers only from Solano and they have the most amazing custom service/repair policies!  They fixed up good as new plus it's clean :)!! One funny thing on the repair ticket under dryer condition one option is "full of hair" lol!  Luckily that was not check by them on mine.

  • Again this week I am really thankful to my co-workers.  They all are so supportive and understanding that I don't get to see P often.  I have done hair for 6 years and NEVER had holiday time off.  We get blacked out from taking time off from November to the end of December.  They are letting me go see him the middle of November and have the Friday after Thanksgiving off! I am so so grateful and excited!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fourty Eight

In less than 48 hours P and I will be in Wisconsin enjoying our mini vacation!  I am so excited!!  I had a bit of unrelated stress rise up in the past day, but knowing I am getting away so soon is helping me push it out of my mind.

The weather is so warm right now.  It's going to be warm and sunny all weekend.  Plus all the leaves are changing, soooo pretty.

I wish I had more to blog about....  I am just doing my last minute stuff like packing, painting my nails, and doing a face mask before I see the boyfriend :)

I can't wait to post about all the fun stuff we do and some photos.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October, Wonderful October

I have been waiting for this day for 30 days! 

Last night I was exhausted from a finally really busy day at work and from the emotions from the last week.  I went to bed really super early.  P called to say hi so I of course chatted with him.  It was wonderful.  We laughed and I felt so happy :)!  I thought I would catch up on some TV but ended up passing out again....12 hours later I woke up feeling fabulous, today feels like the fresh start I have been waiting for.  Happiness and joy are ahead :)

Today is such a gorgeous way to start October.  It's crisp, sunny, and I can see so many pretty colors from my view blogging at my mom's kitchen table.  The house is soooooo quite and peaceful.  I love quietness. 

My mom and Steve went to their second home for the night last night so there are four less dogs here today.  Violet is totally confessed.  She ran upstairs this morning (just like every morning) like a crazy beast looking for all the dogs to get them rilled up.  She ran to my mom's room, she ran around the family room, I shooed her out to the yard yelling after her "sorry ViVi the pups are not here"!  She keeps going in and out searching for them....

Today I have a fun day of shopping ahead.  I tried a bunch of outfits on last night for the evenings when P is home.  I need a few more things and another pair of jeans.  Then movies tonight with another friend!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Round Two

This is only the second time I have ever done a double post day.  I have mentioned how crappy this month has been....

I found out I needed to move and moved in less than 30 days, I didn't exactly have the best time in Florida, I didn't get to see P at all (not even online), I took all my stress out on him.

P has not been happy with me.  I feel so guilty because I was so wrapped up in my own unhappiness I didn't notice how much it was affecting him.  He got upset with me tonight which lead to much more open communication.

It was almost like it had to get worse to get better....  I am really proud of how I reacted.  I am a really emotional person, I get upset and am a reactor.  I stayed really calm, which meant we could actually communicate and work though our issues rather than me freaking out and crying.

I just can't wait a minute more for him to get here...  Only one more week to go :)

Thankful Thursday

  • I am thankful my wonderful boyfriend has planned a very "unspecial" place for us to stay while he's home next weekend.  The hotel is gorgeous! I can wait to see it in person!

  • I am thankful for 5 dogs that were quite and didn't bark all morning so I got to sleep in!

  • I am thankful for some great co-workers that are open to covering days for me so I can go see P, then switching the date around 3 times!  Seriously how great are they!

  • I am thankful that tomorrow is the last say of Septemberr Shitember!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post #2

So this is my second post today.  The first one I never published, I was writing from a more emotional place and decided to wait on it. 

I went to lunch with a friend.  She is one of the most amazing friends a girl can ask for.  She totally gets me and can objectively talk though stuff with me.

I have been a total shithead to P.  He's amazing that he still loves me!  Two months is just to long for us to go with out seeing each other.  I have had to much change and craziness for the month of September. 

Lately I am really having a power struggle with control.  I want to know and control so much in my life.  I know it is totally and completely impossible to do this.  I am the only person/thing I have any control of.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the future that I stop myself from enjoying all the wonderful things in the present.  I feel bad because I know I keep pressuring P to give me answers that he both may not have or is not ready to give me.

I know his trip home and some time together will be freaking great!
 And I can chill the heck out :)!

On a side note I got super cute boots today.  I can't wait to wear them, I am thinking of wearing them over skinny jeans then night I meet P's parents! Yippy!

Also pintrest is my new favorite obsession!  So many cool ideas.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Settling In

The move happened.
 It's done. 
I am pretty much totally unpacked. 
 I don't want to move again anytime soon. 
I know I will 100% be moving in the next year....

Everything went well on Saturday with the move.  I did most the heavy lifting (literally) on Friday night.  When everyone came to help it only took 30 min of loading and about an hour of unloading at my mom's.  Really the quickest move ever.  I have just been working on getting organized.  I went from a 3 bed 2 bath townhouse to a bedroom, bitty bath, walk in closet and family room.  But all in all it's starting to look nice and feeling homey.

Work has been sooooooooooooo slow.  It's sort of unusual for this time of year, I am crossing my fingers and toes it picks up later this week.  I mean come on people don't ya know I got some more shopping to do for my Milwaukee vaca :)!?!

I have been thinking lately how peoples minds can at time be their own worst enemy.  I am a total over analyzer.  I think and worry about meaningless stuff and words waaaaay to much.  I let silly things get to me. I want to make a goal to try not to do this as much.  I want to be in power over my own ways and mind.  I am sure this maybe easier said than done, but hopefully being more mind full when I start to over analyzing will be a reminder to stop.

Tonight I have the start of my monthly bunko group.  We always start back in the fall with everyone meeting out for dinner.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday

Fall is officially here. It's my last night in my townhouse. It's P's 28th birthday.

P got his birthday box yesterday.  I made him wait until I was home from work to open it over the phone :).  I have a really busy no life and turned the inside of each of the flaps on the box into a mini scrapbook page.

This one is my favorite

I got him a bunch of random little things and cool shaving kit from the art of shaving and a polo shirt.  It was fun to hear him open all his gifts.  I wish I could have been there with him, hopefully next year. 

He'll be here 2 weeks from today, woooowhoooo!! 

So my next post with be after the move, crossing my fingers it goes quickly and smoothly!

A side note I CAN NOT figure out how to comment on my own blog, Joanna I wan't to comment and can't :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What to blog about....

I haven't been posting very much lately because I feel like I have a total lack of stuff going on.  I'm like 99.9999% packed.  Just have to do some minor stuff on Friday and clean up.  I'm just enjoying the last few days here.

P finally bought his ticket home, so it is for sure he'll be here in a little over 2 weeks (SO happy).  It's funny because I am the total planner but he is all over the planning for when he's home.  It's cute.  I feel (a little) bad because I don't have much input on what we do.... 1.because I am not from Milwaukee so I don't really know places 2.I don't care, I just want to be with him. 

I mailed off P's birthday box yesterday.  We were originally planning on me coming to visit him this weekend, but he has to work on Saturday so it wouldn't really have been worth the trip.  I am really excited for him to get the box and open everything.  I will post more about what I sent once he opens everything.

Sorry for my very not exciting life....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not much going on

Today was uber, super, duper slow at work.  I got sent home early which is sorta a bummer. 

I came up with a cute idea for P's birthday box, it's pretty amazing.  I had some Michael's coupons so my mom and I went to get some supplies.  I ended up getting nothing other than a stamp....  But my mom remembered she has a huge crate of scrap booking stuff which she let me help myself to, SCORE!  I can't wait for him to get it!

I don't have much else to say.  LOL  I went shopping and to dinner last night.  Shopping was great but dinner was meh!  We went to Cheese Cake Factory which was waaaay more expensive then I remembered and the carrot cake was just ok.  We made plans to do some Christmas shopping together :)

  My life is finally back to not being exciting, which is a good thing!

Friday, September 16, 2011

How do you Friday

I am having a super girly Friday night.  I was trying to be super positive for the rest of the week.  For some reason when I got off of work today and talked with P I had a SUPER HUGE wave of the "I miss you"!  I sort of even try to avoid telling him how I feel because I think most of the time he doesn't really know what to say.  I mean really what can you say, of course we miss each other :).  I think I feel like this tonight because he's back from the training to where he lives.  I can't really explain it, it's all weird feelings.

Anyway I was sorta in a funk, but decided to enjoy some of the last week alone in my apartment.  So I did I multitude of facial treatments and masks.  Then painted my tootsies.  Not a crazy exciting night but still nice.  really looking forward to my girls night tomorrow.

Also got to watch Four Weddings on TLC for the first time.  It was interesting, but was a great first episode for me to watch because it was in Chicago and had a long distance couple on it :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Several blogs I read do a Thankful Thursday post.  I really like the idea of this, to remind ourselves how  incredibly blessed our lives are.  I feel like a turned a corner yesterday, I don't want to waste so much time being upset and freaking out.  Life is great and I want to enjoy all it brings!

  • My crazy family.  Although it might be crazy, love abounds.
  • P's patience with my whirlwind of emotions (and horrible spelling)
  • My great job.  I am so lucky I get to do what I love in a busy (mostly) salon with girls that (mostly) get along.
  • When Violet wakes up and is such a snuggle bug in bed, so sweet and loving.
  • Cool weather.  I'll miss summer and being tan. But, I'm excited for jeans, boots, and sweaters.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Fine

Fall is here.  Burr!
It's cold, so super duper cold today.
 I had to wear a coat.
I want cider.
The leaves are changing.
I want my house to smell like pumpkin, spice, and everything nice.
I love fall, amen.

P and I were talking tonight again about his trip home. I want to be like enough talking already! Just get here!!!  He told his parents that he's coming in October and asked said he'd like to have them come to dinner with us.  I am really excited/nervous.  From what he said they also seem excited to meet me.  I am most nervous about what to wear to make the best impression.  I want it to be a great outfit, I have one in mind but I am afraid it may be too much.  I am going to need to break down and use a huge DSW gift card I've had from last Christmas and buy some awesome new brown boots! I am also thinking of baking something and wrapping it up for them.  I don't know if it's to over the top, but it's sorta who I am.  Just like I can't spell or use correct grammar I love to give too much to people :)

We were also talking about a new show, Whitney, coming out on NBC.  It looks so funny.  He was saying that he read an interview where she said how when women say "it's fine" it really means "I want to stab you".  I totally broke out laughing because of how true it is.  The past few weeks have been stressful (if you didn't know) and several times when I was annoyed with his responses I shoot out a "it's fine".  Now he knows the truth :).  Although I never wanted to stab him, a knock with a water bottle

Just an FYI for everyone who uses glass storage containers instead of plastic they break in to itty bitty shards upon hitting tile floors.  I accidentally dropped a Pyrex container tonight and it literally broke into 1 gazillion pieces. What a mess!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Queen Bee

So yesterday was such a slow day at work.  Normally I would be really upset ( I work on commission) but I was sort of relieved to get off early.  I was able to pick up a bunch of cards to send to P plus his birthday card. 

I got a TON of packing done.  All the super fragile stuff I was putting off doing.  Needless to say I feel like I am now the official Queen Bee of Bubble Wrap!  I really feel like when the time comes to unpack ( hopefully with come cutie helping) everything will be just perfect!

My super hot boyfriend unfortunately lives in a different time zone I don't get date nights and to spend a lot of time out.  Granted I do have awesome friends that are so much fun to go out with, but they have hubby's and families of their own to spend time with also.  So I went out and bought a spanking new TV last night!  My mom and Steve talked me into getting the bigger one, it's awesome.  So now I will get to fill some of the nights this fall and winter when it's just me and violet watching quality Bravo and QVC!

After shopping I treated them to dinner at a local diner.  They have the best soup and carrot cake!  I have had serious craving for carrot cake lately.  It may be all I think about....other than P :) 
 I got a slice last night. It.Was.Heaven!

P gets here in 23 days.  I really miss him and can't wait to see him.  I feel like all I want to do when he's here is to be as close to him as possible. I want to ride in the car, hold hands, lay in bed, brush our teeth next to each!  It's really bad to say this.  But, I know as excited as I am, I am also already dreading when he has to leave.  I know my feelings have grown so much since he was here in August and it was so hard dropping him off at the airport then so I can only imagine how much harder good bye will feel now.  I really hope and have been praying about lately that we get to the point in our relationship where we don't have to do these good byes.  I can't wait to see him!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Red, White, and Blue

It's really been 10 years.......

Just like everyone else I can remember exactly what happened September 11, 2001.  I was done with high school and had been working for my family's business for the past 9 months.  I was getting ready to move in a few weeks to California for what was going to be the most exciting adventure and beginning of my new adult life.  I had gotten to work like normal, shortly after one of the office girl's husbands called.  They were farmers and he was in a field and had heard through his radio a plane crashed in New York.  He said we should turn on a TV and call him back.  Of course the most horrible thing unfolded.....

I remember my mom and I being glued to ABC watching Peter Jennings.  Then the time came to leave for CA.  Over the course of the drive there the sonic boom happened at home and all the anthrax scares.  It was a crazy time in our country.

So much has changed in 10 years.  We live in a very different place....the economy, innocence lost, we are in a long long war. 

When I first was going to post tonight I was going to talked about how much my life has changed in 10 years.  But now all I want to say is how very thankful and grateful I am for all the courageous people we have that have given more than most of us ever could for our amazing country.  I know I am forever indebted.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


WOW!  When I said September was going to be a crazy month I wasn't joking!  Over the past week I have changed plans for where I am going to live come September 24th about 15 times!  P and I have been through the ringer due to my emotions being all over the board.  I now have a 3 month plan in place and am beyond thankful P is still willing to put up with crazy me.  His love is amazing.  He sent anther uber cute card, yup he's the best.

I am enjoying a really quite peaceful weekend at home.  When I first moved here I was so scared of living alone and my house being to quite.  Now I am going to miss that, hahahaha!!  I really believe when there are things in life we are afraid of it's ok because sometimes what you fear is what you need most of all.  Life is full of amazing lessons, I know now I have much more strength that I didn't have before moving here 18 months ago...even a week ago. 

Most of all I am having fun "window" shopping on the Internet, planning all the fun things I want to get for P's birthday box.  His birthday is the day before my move so I want to have it all done and ready to be but in the mail by next weekend.  Putting together boxes for him is so much fun for me, I already have a few little things and am going to the "Big" mall next weekend with a friend to get everything else.  So excited!  By the way USPS flat rate boxes are honest to God the best thing ever.

Along with planning his gifts I have QVC on.  For some reason I am addicted to watching it :). I've only bought one thing ever from it, a grilling thingy for my dad's fathers day gift.  Today they have Philosophy products on.....they make the MOST AMAZING face wash ever!  It's the only thing I religiously buy from that brand but I with I could get it all :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flat Lander

I am home from Florida.  The trip was not what I totally expected, needless to say I am so happy to be home.  I texted P when I landed that " I was never so happy to see cows, corn, and flat land". 

Before I left I really thought my life was changing but now it's gotten even more crazy.  I now need to find an apartment here is less than 20 days, 16 to be exact.  I am really over whelmed by this but I know that I have no choice but to find some where, at least now I am about 80 % packed and ready to roll.  P and I discussed me moving to his time zone but in the end it seems like it's best for me to stay here.  I know in my rational mind this is the best choice but my heart is sad because I know the long distance relationship will have to continue.  Over the past week he has truly shown me how amazing he is. I am placing all my trust in his judgement right now because I know he will do what is best for us.

People say it there is a reason for everything....  I know there is one for this month, I think I will go in to October knowing how strong I can be.  October is my reward still!!!! :)

On a happy note is seems like fall is really here, which means yummy pumpkin spice coffee!! YUM YUM!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Almost There

One day left of work!  I have had a super crazy busy work week both at the salon and at home.  Love the $$,  but boy am I beat.

Tonight Mom and I are staying about 1/2 way closer to the airport.  We are flying out of Milwaukee and need to be at the airport at O'Dark Thirty!  I am thinking I'm going to pull an all nighter since by the time we get to WI we will have time for about 2 hours of sleep.  I plan on totally crashing once I get to the beach.  It will be wonderful.

So the Army is not really on my favorite list this month.  I have posted about they foiled P's and my plans to meet up in FL this weekend and then for his birthday.  We talked last night, he found out he has Friday night through Sunday night off now.  Arrrrggg!  If he could have know this before he left he probably would gotten a plane ticket to come see me.  He could drive, I'll be 6 hours from him, but I don't think he's up for that because although it's a ton close than we live it's still really really far for a weekend.  It's annoying to me, but par for the course of this September Shitember :)!  Even though it stinks P won't be joining me in FL I am so proud of what he does, am super excited to have my mom to go with, and even more stoked that he'll be home in about 1 month. 

Next post will be from the Orange State!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Deep Breaths

I do not like to fly by the seats of my pants, going with the flow, changing the plan...... The idea of moving and not knowing whats ahead is really unnerving to me right now.  I basic had a mini panic attack at work thinking about everything I need to get done.  I think I am really more nervous about what happens next after the move.  I wish my magic ball worked :).  I did manage to get a ton done since I left work early.  Still need to get a bunch more tubs, but it's getting there.  Hopefully the next time I move it's more permanent or the next time I pack it all up have some cutie helping me do it.....

So I am super happy after talking with P tonight!!!!
He thinks they are going to be working during the day not at night now, which means I get talk time at night still. We were laughing like crazy tonight {big smile}.  We are going to the best time home ever when he gets here in October. 

4 days till we're at the ocean, woooowhoooo!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mini Brain Dump

  • We {me mom and steve} went out for sushi it was yummy and I am very full
  • P got to where he'll be working the next few weeks safe and sound
  • I actually got to talk to him tonight {extra happy}
  • I am starting to get really excited to go on vacation this weekend to Florida with my mom.
  • Work was good....

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I haven't posted in a few days....since Wednesday I think.  I had a frustrating end of my week.

Wednesday I got a ticket from a rude cop on my way from work to my dad's office.  I won't try to deny that I was speeding (I was spaced out a little) but the cop was weird and ticket's have become super expensive!  $120! 

Then on Thursday I came back to my home, which I rent from my dad, to find a realtor lock box on my door.  I'm like WTH! So I text my dad to see what's up and he's texts me back telling me I have to move out by October 1!  I know he's trying really hard to get Father of the Year award.

Needless to say I of course freaked out.  But now I have a plan in place, people to help me, and a moving date set.  I am going to stay at my mom's until January and see where my life is and decided where to go from there.  I am really sad/nervous to leave my house and move back to my mom's but I am lucky I can.

Shitember is what I am calling September now because P leaves tomorrow for 3 weeks and I know because of his work we won't talk nearly as much and now the move.  My reward at the end though will be 4 amazing days with P!!  WoooooWhoooo!

I did manage to have a fun weekend....Tony Bennett last night in concert at Ravina and swimming today at my mom's with Kim who is an AMAZING woman.  6 more days and my butt will be on the beach!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rainy Day

Today it poured all. day. long. No joke.

P and I did a ton of texting today. It was fun, it was flirty, it made me want him in the same time zone like crazy.  I also got a super awesome card from him in the mail.  It was sweet and made me love him even more.

Texting is a huge part of our communication.  To me it sort of takes the place of the affectionate things you would do if you saw a person normally.  But our nightly talks are the real "meat and taters" to me.  Tonight P was super tired from work so we barely talked.  I am sort of bummed.... He's leaving for 3 weeks to go to another fort.  He's going to be training/working at night so I am planning in my mind that we won't talk much at all.  I want to squeeze in as much chatting as we can before he goes. 

Changing subjects totally....well sorta.  Before P came to visit in August I went to a new local flower shop, Twisted Stem,  to pick up flowers for my kitchen table.  They were so pretty and the couple that owns the shop are the nicest people ever!

I wish I could go there every week and fill my house with beautiful funky flowers.  I'll keep dreaming :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bored Hairstylist

It's my first day of double posting.  Tomorrow is my day off, P and I already had our nightly talk, I'm soooo not ready for bed, and am becoming totally obsessed with Courtney on Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo.

I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite hair products.  I love love love what I do everyday...HAIR! Every stylist will tell you that you can get the best color or cut but unless you use the right products it won't look great on it's own.  So here's what I can't live without.

The only blow dry I can use is Super Solano.  It gets super hot and very powerful.  They are also the best with repairs and replacing parts for free! The only round brush I can use in my hair anymore is Paris je t'aime 45mm.  I discovered it at a show last year and I am totally addicted!!!

I use Pureology Hydrate System as my daily shampoo, the Light conditioner, and the masque.  I also highly recommend Nanoworks system  for clients who do a lot of chemical processing on their hair.  I use one pump of Essential Repair Instant Repair for strength in my overly lightened hair.  I really belive Pureology is one of the very best lines out there, I am really excited to try more of their new Perfect4Platinum to  come.

I also use Moroccan Oil Light Treatment every time after I shampoo.  Always, even if I don't blowdry.  It it amazing and once you try it I promise there is nothing else you will every use like this. My hair is smooth and shiny buy not flat

I also use Redken Guts 10 for some volume.  I don't believe is washing hair everyday and this helps give it a lift after a night of tossing and turning.

I will have to do a whole post on hairspray....I have no less than 4 cans in the bathroom at all times.  Usually Redken, Kenra, and TiGi.

Monday Funday!

Funday...well that may be a stretch! :)

P got his box!!  WoooooWhoooo!  I surprised him this time with a package of yummy treats.  I mentioned last week I had made him chocolate zucchini bread, only to find out he doesn't like it at all.  So I had to come up with some other gifty ideas.  Originally I had planned on going to Irish Fest in Milwaukee this past Friday but the plans fell through.  I was going to stop by the most amazing coffee roasters, Alterra Coffee, on the way home to pick some up for him.  I am so lucky that I have my amazing friend Marissa and her awesome sister who lives in Milwaukee and brought me 1 pound of coffee and a really cool mug.  It made me happy to send P some special treats from home.

The town that my salon I work at is in goes back to school on Wednesday.  We were slammed today with lots and lots of kids!  I was cutting an 8 year old who's going into 4th grade.  I had asked him if he was excited to go back to school, he told me no because he has better stuff to do like go on Facebook.  In my mind I was like what the heck is an 8 year old doing on Facebook!  So then he ask what my name is,  I say "Elizabeth", then he's says what's your last name and how do you spell it!  I asked why, to which he told me that he wants to find me on Facebook!  I said sorry I am to old for you.  Really what do people think letting young kids go on Facebook and friend random people.  Working with the public has shown me there are many more bad parents than good, people are afraid to say no to their kids.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crazy Girl

Sundays always feel like Mondays to me.  I am sure it's because I work every Sunday and its usually my busiest day.  On the way to work today I heard the song by the Eli Young band called Crazy, listen to it here.  It really reminded me of me right now.

I'm so crazy about P but I wonder if I am cut out for the distance.  I can be doubt filled, needy, insecure...oh the list can go on and on.  If my unemotional mind had strength I know he loves me and this can work.  I am really looking forward to us both having Internet and being able to Skye.  Please excuse my insecurity tonight  I really miss him right now :)

OK on to more interesting stuff.  I have a ton of tomatoes from my two plants on my little balcony.  I was planning on making marinara sauce to freeze and use on homemade pizza tonight.  I ran to Wal-Mart across from work to get a food mill.  I usually avoid shopping at Wal-Mart for several reasons but it was so convenient and I really wanted to get home to start the sauce.  I couldn't believe they don't even sell food mills, although they have a huge canning section.  So now I need to hunt one of those down. 

I did get pizza crust made for tomorrow night.  My friend Melissa is coming for dinner.  She really wants to see my house since she's never been here....I have lived in my current home for over 1.5 years which makes it funny.  What's even funnier is it's for rent and I will more than likely moving before the end of the year.  Any who she's coming for dinner and I am making homemade pizza's for us.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


One little word lead to quite a crazy night.  I had a much busier week at work which was very welcomed.  On the way home I picked up some Relax reisling, it's so yummy.  I was heading to my mom's to chat before we went to a bunko party together.  We are both in a group from the neighborhood I grew up in.  When we go to our bunko parties we never eat dinner becuase there is always really heavy appitizers.  Well although the party was fun there was way to much wine on my mom's and mine empty bellies and no food. 

I have totally wasted the day away on the couch.  It's not the worst way to spend this super rainy Saturday.  Plus even better P and I have been able to send cute texts all day. He's not a morning person at all but had his Fantasy Football draft with guys from home so he was up much earlier and super sweet to me.  Makes my heart happy.

I need to pull some motivation together in these next few hours!  I'm going on a girlfriend date tonight with my work friend Jenny.  We going for yummy steaks and to see the Help.  I'm so excited to see the movie as I loved the book.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What a wonderful day!

Yesterday I had the day off from work so I made last minute lunch plans with my good childhood friend Marissa.  We met at what has become our usual meeting spot since her and her hubby moved back to the Chicagoland area.  It is so much fun to be able to have her so close again after several years of them living several hours away while they finished school. 

Anyway..... She has been blogging ( ) for the past few years and one of the things we talked was either being totally anonymous, have it all out there, or somewhere in the middle.  This being said I want to use a creative nickname for the wonderful man I am dating.  But I am totally stumped.... so until I can think of something fabulous he'll just be P.

After I got home from my amazing day of lunch and shopping I wanted to make up a box of goodies to send to P.  He was just here the beginning of August and I was really lonely and missing him which lead to a stressful weekend for both of us.  I make 6 loaves of Double Chocolate Zucchini bread.  Two of which I was going to send to him.  Well last night during our nightly talk I told him I had baked the bread, not telling him I was planning on sending it to him, and he started telling me how gross he thinks zucchini bread is.  I thought this was too funny.  Needless to say I have to send other things, but don't want to say to much as it's still a surprise for him.

I feel like after a trying weekend and start of the week for me and P, we are now back on track.  I am still unsure how to work through the distance and the whole missing you feeling.  Its a learning process but I am sure the pay off will be well worth it!