Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Funday!

Funday...well that may be a stretch! :)

P got his box!!  WoooooWhoooo!  I surprised him this time with a package of yummy treats.  I mentioned last week I had made him chocolate zucchini bread, only to find out he doesn't like it at all.  So I had to come up with some other gifty ideas.  Originally I had planned on going to Irish Fest in Milwaukee this past Friday but the plans fell through.  I was going to stop by the most amazing coffee roasters, Alterra Coffee, on the way home to pick some up for him.  I am so lucky that I have my amazing friend Marissa and her awesome sister who lives in Milwaukee and brought me 1 pound of coffee and a really cool mug.  It made me happy to send P some special treats from home.

The town that my salon I work at is in goes back to school on Wednesday.  We were slammed today with lots and lots of kids!  I was cutting an 8 year old who's going into 4th grade.  I had asked him if he was excited to go back to school, he told me no because he has better stuff to do like go on Facebook.  In my mind I was like what the heck is an 8 year old doing on Facebook!  So then he ask what my name is,  I say "Elizabeth", then he's says what's your last name and how do you spell it!  I asked why, to which he told me that he wants to find me on Facebook!  I said sorry I am to old for you.  Really what do people think letting young kids go on Facebook and friend random people.  Working with the public has shown me there are many more bad parents than good, people are afraid to say no to their kids.

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