Monday, August 22, 2011

Bored Hairstylist

It's my first day of double posting.  Tomorrow is my day off, P and I already had our nightly talk, I'm soooo not ready for bed, and am becoming totally obsessed with Courtney on Most Eligible Dallas on Bravo.

I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite hair products.  I love love love what I do everyday...HAIR! Every stylist will tell you that you can get the best color or cut but unless you use the right products it won't look great on it's own.  So here's what I can't live without.

The only blow dry I can use is Super Solano.  It gets super hot and very powerful.  They are also the best with repairs and replacing parts for free! The only round brush I can use in my hair anymore is Paris je t'aime 45mm.  I discovered it at a show last year and I am totally addicted!!!

I use Pureology Hydrate System as my daily shampoo, the Light conditioner, and the masque.  I also highly recommend Nanoworks system  for clients who do a lot of chemical processing on their hair.  I use one pump of Essential Repair Instant Repair for strength in my overly lightened hair.  I really belive Pureology is one of the very best lines out there, I am really excited to try more of their new Perfect4Platinum to  come.

I also use Moroccan Oil Light Treatment every time after I shampoo.  Always, even if I don't blowdry.  It it amazing and once you try it I promise there is nothing else you will every use like this. My hair is smooth and shiny buy not flat

I also use Redken Guts 10 for some volume.  I don't believe is washing hair everyday and this helps give it a lift after a night of tossing and turning.

I will have to do a whole post on hairspray....I have no less than 4 cans in the bathroom at all times.  Usually Redken, Kenra, and TiGi.

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