Saturday, August 20, 2011


One little word lead to quite a crazy night.  I had a much busier week at work which was very welcomed.  On the way home I picked up some Relax reisling, it's so yummy.  I was heading to my mom's to chat before we went to a bunko party together.  We are both in a group from the neighborhood I grew up in.  When we go to our bunko parties we never eat dinner becuase there is always really heavy appitizers.  Well although the party was fun there was way to much wine on my mom's and mine empty bellies and no food. 

I have totally wasted the day away on the couch.  It's not the worst way to spend this super rainy Saturday.  Plus even better P and I have been able to send cute texts all day. He's not a morning person at all but had his Fantasy Football draft with guys from home so he was up much earlier and super sweet to me.  Makes my heart happy.

I need to pull some motivation together in these next few hours!  I'm going on a girlfriend date tonight with my work friend Jenny.  We going for yummy steaks and to see the Help.  I'm so excited to see the movie as I loved the book.

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