Thursday, September 29, 2011

Round Two

This is only the second time I have ever done a double post day.  I have mentioned how crappy this month has been....

I found out I needed to move and moved in less than 30 days, I didn't exactly have the best time in Florida, I didn't get to see P at all (not even online), I took all my stress out on him.

P has not been happy with me.  I feel so guilty because I was so wrapped up in my own unhappiness I didn't notice how much it was affecting him.  He got upset with me tonight which lead to much more open communication.

It was almost like it had to get worse to get better....  I am really proud of how I reacted.  I am a really emotional person, I get upset and am a reactor.  I stayed really calm, which meant we could actually communicate and work though our issues rather than me freaking out and crying.

I just can't wait a minute more for him to get here...  Only one more week to go :)

Thankful Thursday

  • I am thankful my wonderful boyfriend has planned a very "unspecial" place for us to stay while he's home next weekend.  The hotel is gorgeous! I can wait to see it in person!

  • I am thankful for 5 dogs that were quite and didn't bark all morning so I got to sleep in!

  • I am thankful for some great co-workers that are open to covering days for me so I can go see P, then switching the date around 3 times!  Seriously how great are they!

  • I am thankful that tomorrow is the last say of Septemberr Shitember!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Post #2

So this is my second post today.  The first one I never published, I was writing from a more emotional place and decided to wait on it. 

I went to lunch with a friend.  She is one of the most amazing friends a girl can ask for.  She totally gets me and can objectively talk though stuff with me.

I have been a total shithead to P.  He's amazing that he still loves me!  Two months is just to long for us to go with out seeing each other.  I have had to much change and craziness for the month of September. 

Lately I am really having a power struggle with control.  I want to know and control so much in my life.  I know it is totally and completely impossible to do this.  I am the only person/thing I have any control of.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the future that I stop myself from enjoying all the wonderful things in the present.  I feel bad because I know I keep pressuring P to give me answers that he both may not have or is not ready to give me.

I know his trip home and some time together will be freaking great!
 And I can chill the heck out :)!

On a side note I got super cute boots today.  I can't wait to wear them, I am thinking of wearing them over skinny jeans then night I meet P's parents! Yippy!

Also pintrest is my new favorite obsession!  So many cool ideas.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Settling In

The move happened.
 It's done. 
I am pretty much totally unpacked. 
 I don't want to move again anytime soon. 
I know I will 100% be moving in the next year....

Everything went well on Saturday with the move.  I did most the heavy lifting (literally) on Friday night.  When everyone came to help it only took 30 min of loading and about an hour of unloading at my mom's.  Really the quickest move ever.  I have just been working on getting organized.  I went from a 3 bed 2 bath townhouse to a bedroom, bitty bath, walk in closet and family room.  But all in all it's starting to look nice and feeling homey.

Work has been sooooooooooooo slow.  It's sort of unusual for this time of year, I am crossing my fingers and toes it picks up later this week.  I mean come on people don't ya know I got some more shopping to do for my Milwaukee vaca :)!?!

I have been thinking lately how peoples minds can at time be their own worst enemy.  I am a total over analyzer.  I think and worry about meaningless stuff and words waaaaay to much.  I let silly things get to me. I want to make a goal to try not to do this as much.  I want to be in power over my own ways and mind.  I am sure this maybe easier said than done, but hopefully being more mind full when I start to over analyzing will be a reminder to stop.

Tonight I have the start of my monthly bunko group.  We always start back in the fall with everyone meeting out for dinner.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday

Fall is officially here. It's my last night in my townhouse. It's P's 28th birthday.

P got his birthday box yesterday.  I made him wait until I was home from work to open it over the phone :).  I have a really busy no life and turned the inside of each of the flaps on the box into a mini scrapbook page.

This one is my favorite

I got him a bunch of random little things and cool shaving kit from the art of shaving and a polo shirt.  It was fun to hear him open all his gifts.  I wish I could have been there with him, hopefully next year. 

He'll be here 2 weeks from today, woooowhoooo!! 

So my next post with be after the move, crossing my fingers it goes quickly and smoothly!

A side note I CAN NOT figure out how to comment on my own blog, Joanna I wan't to comment and can't :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What to blog about....

I haven't been posting very much lately because I feel like I have a total lack of stuff going on.  I'm like 99.9999% packed.  Just have to do some minor stuff on Friday and clean up.  I'm just enjoying the last few days here.

P finally bought his ticket home, so it is for sure he'll be here in a little over 2 weeks (SO happy).  It's funny because I am the total planner but he is all over the planning for when he's home.  It's cute.  I feel (a little) bad because I don't have much input on what we do.... 1.because I am not from Milwaukee so I don't really know places 2.I don't care, I just want to be with him. 

I mailed off P's birthday box yesterday.  We were originally planning on me coming to visit him this weekend, but he has to work on Saturday so it wouldn't really have been worth the trip.  I am really excited for him to get the box and open everything.  I will post more about what I sent once he opens everything.

Sorry for my very not exciting life....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not much going on

Today was uber, super, duper slow at work.  I got sent home early which is sorta a bummer. 

I came up with a cute idea for P's birthday box, it's pretty amazing.  I had some Michael's coupons so my mom and I went to get some supplies.  I ended up getting nothing other than a stamp....  But my mom remembered she has a huge crate of scrap booking stuff which she let me help myself to, SCORE!  I can't wait for him to get it!

I don't have much else to say.  LOL  I went shopping and to dinner last night.  Shopping was great but dinner was meh!  We went to Cheese Cake Factory which was waaaay more expensive then I remembered and the carrot cake was just ok.  We made plans to do some Christmas shopping together :)

  My life is finally back to not being exciting, which is a good thing!

Friday, September 16, 2011

How do you Friday

I am having a super girly Friday night.  I was trying to be super positive for the rest of the week.  For some reason when I got off of work today and talked with P I had a SUPER HUGE wave of the "I miss you"!  I sort of even try to avoid telling him how I feel because I think most of the time he doesn't really know what to say.  I mean really what can you say, of course we miss each other :).  I think I feel like this tonight because he's back from the training to where he lives.  I can't really explain it, it's all weird feelings.

Anyway I was sorta in a funk, but decided to enjoy some of the last week alone in my apartment.  So I did I multitude of facial treatments and masks.  Then painted my tootsies.  Not a crazy exciting night but still nice.  really looking forward to my girls night tomorrow.

Also got to watch Four Weddings on TLC for the first time.  It was interesting, but was a great first episode for me to watch because it was in Chicago and had a long distance couple on it :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Several blogs I read do a Thankful Thursday post.  I really like the idea of this, to remind ourselves how  incredibly blessed our lives are.  I feel like a turned a corner yesterday, I don't want to waste so much time being upset and freaking out.  Life is great and I want to enjoy all it brings!

  • My crazy family.  Although it might be crazy, love abounds.
  • P's patience with my whirlwind of emotions (and horrible spelling)
  • My great job.  I am so lucky I get to do what I love in a busy (mostly) salon with girls that (mostly) get along.
  • When Violet wakes up and is such a snuggle bug in bed, so sweet and loving.
  • Cool weather.  I'll miss summer and being tan. But, I'm excited for jeans, boots, and sweaters.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Fine

Fall is here.  Burr!
It's cold, so super duper cold today.
 I had to wear a coat.
I want cider.
The leaves are changing.
I want my house to smell like pumpkin, spice, and everything nice.
I love fall, amen.

P and I were talking tonight again about his trip home. I want to be like enough talking already! Just get here!!!  He told his parents that he's coming in October and asked said he'd like to have them come to dinner with us.  I am really excited/nervous.  From what he said they also seem excited to meet me.  I am most nervous about what to wear to make the best impression.  I want it to be a great outfit, I have one in mind but I am afraid it may be too much.  I am going to need to break down and use a huge DSW gift card I've had from last Christmas and buy some awesome new brown boots! I am also thinking of baking something and wrapping it up for them.  I don't know if it's to over the top, but it's sorta who I am.  Just like I can't spell or use correct grammar I love to give too much to people :)

We were also talking about a new show, Whitney, coming out on NBC.  It looks so funny.  He was saying that he read an interview where she said how when women say "it's fine" it really means "I want to stab you".  I totally broke out laughing because of how true it is.  The past few weeks have been stressful (if you didn't know) and several times when I was annoyed with his responses I shoot out a "it's fine".  Now he knows the truth :).  Although I never wanted to stab him, a knock with a water bottle

Just an FYI for everyone who uses glass storage containers instead of plastic they break in to itty bitty shards upon hitting tile floors.  I accidentally dropped a Pyrex container tonight and it literally broke into 1 gazillion pieces. What a mess!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Queen Bee

So yesterday was such a slow day at work.  Normally I would be really upset ( I work on commission) but I was sort of relieved to get off early.  I was able to pick up a bunch of cards to send to P plus his birthday card. 

I got a TON of packing done.  All the super fragile stuff I was putting off doing.  Needless to say I feel like I am now the official Queen Bee of Bubble Wrap!  I really feel like when the time comes to unpack ( hopefully with come cutie helping) everything will be just perfect!

My super hot boyfriend unfortunately lives in a different time zone I don't get date nights and to spend a lot of time out.  Granted I do have awesome friends that are so much fun to go out with, but they have hubby's and families of their own to spend time with also.  So I went out and bought a spanking new TV last night!  My mom and Steve talked me into getting the bigger one, it's awesome.  So now I will get to fill some of the nights this fall and winter when it's just me and violet watching quality Bravo and QVC!

After shopping I treated them to dinner at a local diner.  They have the best soup and carrot cake!  I have had serious craving for carrot cake lately.  It may be all I think about....other than P :) 
 I got a slice last night. It.Was.Heaven!

P gets here in 23 days.  I really miss him and can't wait to see him.  I feel like all I want to do when he's here is to be as close to him as possible. I want to ride in the car, hold hands, lay in bed, brush our teeth next to each!  It's really bad to say this.  But, I know as excited as I am, I am also already dreading when he has to leave.  I know my feelings have grown so much since he was here in August and it was so hard dropping him off at the airport then so I can only imagine how much harder good bye will feel now.  I really hope and have been praying about lately that we get to the point in our relationship where we don't have to do these good byes.  I can't wait to see him!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Red, White, and Blue

It's really been 10 years.......

Just like everyone else I can remember exactly what happened September 11, 2001.  I was done with high school and had been working for my family's business for the past 9 months.  I was getting ready to move in a few weeks to California for what was going to be the most exciting adventure and beginning of my new adult life.  I had gotten to work like normal, shortly after one of the office girl's husbands called.  They were farmers and he was in a field and had heard through his radio a plane crashed in New York.  He said we should turn on a TV and call him back.  Of course the most horrible thing unfolded.....

I remember my mom and I being glued to ABC watching Peter Jennings.  Then the time came to leave for CA.  Over the course of the drive there the sonic boom happened at home and all the anthrax scares.  It was a crazy time in our country.

So much has changed in 10 years.  We live in a very different place....the economy, innocence lost, we are in a long long war. 

When I first was going to post tonight I was going to talked about how much my life has changed in 10 years.  But now all I want to say is how very thankful and grateful I am for all the courageous people we have that have given more than most of us ever could for our amazing country.  I know I am forever indebted.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


WOW!  When I said September was going to be a crazy month I wasn't joking!  Over the past week I have changed plans for where I am going to live come September 24th about 15 times!  P and I have been through the ringer due to my emotions being all over the board.  I now have a 3 month plan in place and am beyond thankful P is still willing to put up with crazy me.  His love is amazing.  He sent anther uber cute card, yup he's the best.

I am enjoying a really quite peaceful weekend at home.  When I first moved here I was so scared of living alone and my house being to quite.  Now I am going to miss that, hahahaha!!  I really believe when there are things in life we are afraid of it's ok because sometimes what you fear is what you need most of all.  Life is full of amazing lessons, I know now I have much more strength that I didn't have before moving here 18 months ago...even a week ago. 

Most of all I am having fun "window" shopping on the Internet, planning all the fun things I want to get for P's birthday box.  His birthday is the day before my move so I want to have it all done and ready to be but in the mail by next weekend.  Putting together boxes for him is so much fun for me, I already have a few little things and am going to the "Big" mall next weekend with a friend to get everything else.  So excited!  By the way USPS flat rate boxes are honest to God the best thing ever.

Along with planning his gifts I have QVC on.  For some reason I am addicted to watching it :). I've only bought one thing ever from it, a grilling thingy for my dad's fathers day gift.  Today they have Philosophy products on.....they make the MOST AMAZING face wash ever!  It's the only thing I religiously buy from that brand but I with I could get it all :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Flat Lander

I am home from Florida.  The trip was not what I totally expected, needless to say I am so happy to be home.  I texted P when I landed that " I was never so happy to see cows, corn, and flat land". 

Before I left I really thought my life was changing but now it's gotten even more crazy.  I now need to find an apartment here is less than 20 days, 16 to be exact.  I am really over whelmed by this but I know that I have no choice but to find some where, at least now I am about 80 % packed and ready to roll.  P and I discussed me moving to his time zone but in the end it seems like it's best for me to stay here.  I know in my rational mind this is the best choice but my heart is sad because I know the long distance relationship will have to continue.  Over the past week he has truly shown me how amazing he is. I am placing all my trust in his judgement right now because I know he will do what is best for us.

People say it there is a reason for everything....  I know there is one for this month, I think I will go in to October knowing how strong I can be.  October is my reward still!!!! :)

On a happy note is seems like fall is really here, which means yummy pumpkin spice coffee!! YUM YUM!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Almost There

One day left of work!  I have had a super crazy busy work week both at the salon and at home.  Love the $$,  but boy am I beat.

Tonight Mom and I are staying about 1/2 way closer to the airport.  We are flying out of Milwaukee and need to be at the airport at O'Dark Thirty!  I am thinking I'm going to pull an all nighter since by the time we get to WI we will have time for about 2 hours of sleep.  I plan on totally crashing once I get to the beach.  It will be wonderful.

So the Army is not really on my favorite list this month.  I have posted about they foiled P's and my plans to meet up in FL this weekend and then for his birthday.  We talked last night, he found out he has Friday night through Sunday night off now.  Arrrrggg!  If he could have know this before he left he probably would gotten a plane ticket to come see me.  He could drive, I'll be 6 hours from him, but I don't think he's up for that because although it's a ton close than we live it's still really really far for a weekend.  It's annoying to me, but par for the course of this September Shitember :)!  Even though it stinks P won't be joining me in FL I am so proud of what he does, am super excited to have my mom to go with, and even more stoked that he'll be home in about 1 month. 

Next post will be from the Orange State!