Thursday, September 1, 2011

Almost There

One day left of work!  I have had a super crazy busy work week both at the salon and at home.  Love the $$,  but boy am I beat.

Tonight Mom and I are staying about 1/2 way closer to the airport.  We are flying out of Milwaukee and need to be at the airport at O'Dark Thirty!  I am thinking I'm going to pull an all nighter since by the time we get to WI we will have time for about 2 hours of sleep.  I plan on totally crashing once I get to the beach.  It will be wonderful.

So the Army is not really on my favorite list this month.  I have posted about they foiled P's and my plans to meet up in FL this weekend and then for his birthday.  We talked last night, he found out he has Friday night through Sunday night off now.  Arrrrggg!  If he could have know this before he left he probably would gotten a plane ticket to come see me.  He could drive, I'll be 6 hours from him, but I don't think he's up for that because although it's a ton close than we live it's still really really far for a weekend.  It's annoying to me, but par for the course of this September Shitember :)!  Even though it stinks P won't be joining me in FL I am so proud of what he does, am super excited to have my mom to go with, and even more stoked that he'll be home in about 1 month. 

Next post will be from the Orange State!

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