Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Birthday

Fall is officially here. It's my last night in my townhouse. It's P's 28th birthday.

P got his birthday box yesterday.  I made him wait until I was home from work to open it over the phone :).  I have a really busy no life and turned the inside of each of the flaps on the box into a mini scrapbook page.

This one is my favorite

I got him a bunch of random little things and cool shaving kit from the art of shaving and a polo shirt.  It was fun to hear him open all his gifts.  I wish I could have been there with him, hopefully next year. 

He'll be here 2 weeks from today, woooowhoooo!! 

So my next post with be after the move, crossing my fingers it goes quickly and smoothly!

A side note I CAN NOT figure out how to comment on my own blog, Joanna I wan't to comment and can't :)

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