Saturday, September 10, 2011


WOW!  When I said September was going to be a crazy month I wasn't joking!  Over the past week I have changed plans for where I am going to live come September 24th about 15 times!  P and I have been through the ringer due to my emotions being all over the board.  I now have a 3 month plan in place and am beyond thankful P is still willing to put up with crazy me.  His love is amazing.  He sent anther uber cute card, yup he's the best.

I am enjoying a really quite peaceful weekend at home.  When I first moved here I was so scared of living alone and my house being to quite.  Now I am going to miss that, hahahaha!!  I really believe when there are things in life we are afraid of it's ok because sometimes what you fear is what you need most of all.  Life is full of amazing lessons, I know now I have much more strength that I didn't have before moving here 18 months ago...even a week ago. 

Most of all I am having fun "window" shopping on the Internet, planning all the fun things I want to get for P's birthday box.  His birthday is the day before my move so I want to have it all done and ready to be but in the mail by next weekend.  Putting together boxes for him is so much fun for me, I already have a few little things and am going to the "Big" mall next weekend with a friend to get everything else.  So excited!  By the way USPS flat rate boxes are honest to God the best thing ever.

Along with planning his gifts I have QVC on.  For some reason I am addicted to watching it :). I've only bought one thing ever from it, a grilling thingy for my dad's fathers day gift.  Today they have Philosophy products on.....they make the MOST AMAZING face wash ever!  It's the only thing I religiously buy from that brand but I with I could get it all :)

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