Thursday, September 29, 2011

Round Two

This is only the second time I have ever done a double post day.  I have mentioned how crappy this month has been....

I found out I needed to move and moved in less than 30 days, I didn't exactly have the best time in Florida, I didn't get to see P at all (not even online), I took all my stress out on him.

P has not been happy with me.  I feel so guilty because I was so wrapped up in my own unhappiness I didn't notice how much it was affecting him.  He got upset with me tonight which lead to much more open communication.

It was almost like it had to get worse to get better....  I am really proud of how I reacted.  I am a really emotional person, I get upset and am a reactor.  I stayed really calm, which meant we could actually communicate and work though our issues rather than me freaking out and crying.

I just can't wait a minute more for him to get here...  Only one more week to go :)

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