Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Several blogs I read do a Thankful Thursday post.  I really like the idea of this, to remind ourselves how  incredibly blessed our lives are.  I feel like a turned a corner yesterday, I don't want to waste so much time being upset and freaking out.  Life is great and I want to enjoy all it brings!

  • My crazy family.  Although it might be crazy, love abounds.
  • P's patience with my whirlwind of emotions (and horrible spelling)
  • My great job.  I am so lucky I get to do what I love in a busy (mostly) salon with girls that (mostly) get along.
  • When Violet wakes up and is such a snuggle bug in bed, so sweet and loving.
  • Cool weather.  I'll miss summer and being tan. But, I'm excited for jeans, boots, and sweaters.

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