Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Fine

Fall is here.  Burr!
It's cold, so super duper cold today.
 I had to wear a coat.
I want cider.
The leaves are changing.
I want my house to smell like pumpkin, spice, and everything nice.
I love fall, amen.

P and I were talking tonight again about his trip home. I want to be like enough talking already! Just get here!!!  He told his parents that he's coming in October and asked said he'd like to have them come to dinner with us.  I am really excited/nervous.  From what he said they also seem excited to meet me.  I am most nervous about what to wear to make the best impression.  I want it to be a great outfit, I have one in mind but I am afraid it may be too much.  I am going to need to break down and use a huge DSW gift card I've had from last Christmas and buy some awesome new brown boots! I am also thinking of baking something and wrapping it up for them.  I don't know if it's to over the top, but it's sorta who I am.  Just like I can't spell or use correct grammar I love to give too much to people :)

We were also talking about a new show, Whitney, coming out on NBC.  It looks so funny.  He was saying that he read an interview where she said how when women say "it's fine" it really means "I want to stab you".  I totally broke out laughing because of how true it is.  The past few weeks have been stressful (if you didn't know) and several times when I was annoyed with his responses I shoot out a "it's fine".  Now he knows the truth :).  Although I never wanted to stab him, a knock with a water bottle

Just an FYI for everyone who uses glass storage containers instead of plastic they break in to itty bitty shards upon hitting tile floors.  I accidentally dropped a Pyrex container tonight and it literally broke into 1 gazillion pieces. What a mess!

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  1. aloha! Thanks for stopping by my blog =) I totally get the "it's fine" comment, I'm sure it drives my husband nuts because I say it more often when I'm irritated!