Monday, September 26, 2011

Settling In

The move happened.
 It's done. 
I am pretty much totally unpacked. 
 I don't want to move again anytime soon. 
I know I will 100% be moving in the next year....

Everything went well on Saturday with the move.  I did most the heavy lifting (literally) on Friday night.  When everyone came to help it only took 30 min of loading and about an hour of unloading at my mom's.  Really the quickest move ever.  I have just been working on getting organized.  I went from a 3 bed 2 bath townhouse to a bedroom, bitty bath, walk in closet and family room.  But all in all it's starting to look nice and feeling homey.

Work has been sooooooooooooo slow.  It's sort of unusual for this time of year, I am crossing my fingers and toes it picks up later this week.  I mean come on people don't ya know I got some more shopping to do for my Milwaukee vaca :)!?!

I have been thinking lately how peoples minds can at time be their own worst enemy.  I am a total over analyzer.  I think and worry about meaningless stuff and words waaaaay to much.  I let silly things get to me. I want to make a goal to try not to do this as much.  I want to be in power over my own ways and mind.  I am sure this maybe easier said than done, but hopefully being more mind full when I start to over analyzing will be a reminder to stop.

Tonight I have the start of my monthly bunko group.  We always start back in the fall with everyone meeting out for dinner.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up.

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