Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Queen Bee

So yesterday was such a slow day at work.  Normally I would be really upset ( I work on commission) but I was sort of relieved to get off early.  I was able to pick up a bunch of cards to send to P plus his birthday card. 

I got a TON of packing done.  All the super fragile stuff I was putting off doing.  Needless to say I feel like I am now the official Queen Bee of Bubble Wrap!  I really feel like when the time comes to unpack ( hopefully with come cutie helping) everything will be just perfect!

My super hot boyfriend unfortunately lives in a different time zone I don't get date nights and to spend a lot of time out.  Granted I do have awesome friends that are so much fun to go out with, but they have hubby's and families of their own to spend time with also.  So I went out and bought a spanking new TV last night!  My mom and Steve talked me into getting the bigger one, it's awesome.  So now I will get to fill some of the nights this fall and winter when it's just me and violet watching quality Bravo and QVC!

After shopping I treated them to dinner at a local diner.  They have the best soup and carrot cake!  I have had serious craving for carrot cake lately.  It may be all I think about....other than P :) 
 I got a slice last night. It.Was.Heaven!

P gets here in 23 days.  I really miss him and can't wait to see him.  I feel like all I want to do when he's here is to be as close to him as possible. I want to ride in the car, hold hands, lay in bed, brush our teeth next to each other....lol!  It's really bad to say this.  But, I know as excited as I am, I am also already dreading when he has to leave.  I know my feelings have grown so much since he was here in August and it was so hard dropping him off at the airport then so I can only imagine how much harder good bye will feel now.  I really hope and have been praying about lately that we get to the point in our relationship where we don't have to do these good byes.  I can't wait to see him!

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