Saturday, October 1, 2011

October, Wonderful October

I have been waiting for this day for 30 days! 

Last night I was exhausted from a finally really busy day at work and from the emotions from the last week.  I went to bed really super early.  P called to say hi so I of course chatted with him.  It was wonderful.  We laughed and I felt so happy :)!  I thought I would catch up on some TV but ended up passing out again....12 hours later I woke up feeling fabulous, today feels like the fresh start I have been waiting for.  Happiness and joy are ahead :)

Today is such a gorgeous way to start October.  It's crisp, sunny, and I can see so many pretty colors from my view blogging at my mom's kitchen table.  The house is soooooo quite and peaceful.  I love quietness. 

My mom and Steve went to their second home for the night last night so there are four less dogs here today.  Violet is totally confessed.  She ran upstairs this morning (just like every morning) like a crazy beast looking for all the dogs to get them rilled up.  She ran to my mom's room, she ran around the family room, I shooed her out to the yard yelling after her "sorry ViVi the pups are not here"!  She keeps going in and out searching for them....

Today I have a fun day of shopping ahead.  I tried a bunch of outfits on last night for the evenings when P is home.  I need a few more things and another pair of jeans.  Then movies tonight with another friend!

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