Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best Weekend Ever Recap

I'm home from Milwaukee...going back to reality this afternoon!  P and I had the best weekend ever.  Both of us felt like we couldn't have ask for anything more! 

 I was able to pull off my first surprise on Friday.  I picked him up at the airport!  I knew since Wednesday last week that I was going to be able to leave work early to get him rather than my mom's boyfriend.  It was so funny to see his face when I pulled up.  He just stared at the car confused until I got out and was waving.  I was so happy.  Even better we got a jump start on heading north.

Our hotel was beyond amazing.  It's on the list of historical hotels in the US.  The room was huge and the bed was like a big cloud.

Friday night we got a little dressed up and met his parents for dinner.  It was the first time I had met them and they were both so kind and welcoming.  After dinner we went back to the hotel and had some drinks, or rather WAY too many for me, talked and laughed.  Needless to say I felt like a big poop on Saturday.  We went to one of the places P really wanted to take me to for breakfast.  All I could manage to eat was dry toast and sprite...yeah like I said WAY to many drinks on Friday....

I was so lucky that P was so understanding that we scratched our plans for the afternoon and went back to the hotel so I could nap and feel better.  I am much a lucky girl :)!!  Saturday evening we went to a family birthday party with for one of P's cousins.  It was so funny when we pulled up I was getting out of the car taking my jacket off ( it was denim and I was wearing jean so I couldn't wear it together other than to keep warm in the car lol) and I saw through the picture window that nearly his WHOLE family was watching us!!!  I was instantly super duper nervous, P laughed it off and said they weren't watching( but later admitted they were lol) and I'd be fine.  I was fine because of course his family was awesome.  All the aunts, uncles, little cousins, and again his parents we all so friendly and welcoming.  It was also really amazing to see such a close family all together since I don't have much of one.  I really loved being there.

After the party we met 2 of this friends at a bar.  The funny thing everyone from his family and friends kept asking me was if I was a Bears or Packers fan and if I was from where P is currently living.  The team thing was really funny because I don't follow sports at all.

Out to Drinks with P's Friends

Sunday was amazing.  I was feeling 100% again!!  P really wanted to watch the Packer game Sunday night.  We had originally planned for that to be our "date night"  but I was totally open to just spending time during the day together and watching the game at night.  So we decided to get lunch and a movie.  The place we went to it now one of my new favorite restaurants.  It is a Dutch style place.  The one we went to is in a really cool hipster neighborhood.  The weather all weekend was AMAZING, nothing like normal October.  We were able to sit outside.  The best thing about lunch was we tried curry ketchup....it was soooooo good!!  Afterwords we went to P's favorite movie theater.  A 1920's movie place.  It is insanely cool and huge.  I loved it. 

That afternoon we took advantage of the nice weather and walked along the lake front.  We talked about how nice it is to be able to do normal couple stuff together all weekend.  Dinners, riding in the car, lazy afternoons, walking and holding hands.  I have a hard time relaxing at home and the whole weekend I was calm, relaxed, and incredibly happy.

Milwaukee's Lakefront

Monday was really nice to, but we both woke up knowing he was leaving and wishing he wasn't.  We first headed to my favorite coffee place in Milwaukee and had the best pumpkin spice lattes I have ever had, the Batista even made heart designs with the milk in them!  Then we had another relaxing afternoon of lunch (same place different location...yes the curry ketchup was THAT good) walking around and driving through a neighborhood we both love and pointing out houses to each other. 

On the drive back to Chicago my anxiety kicked in...  I hate having to leave him at the airport.  This time I cried as we hugged, I wanted to leave my car and jump on the plane with him.  I made it home ok, but once I got here I was hit with a huge case of I miss him.  The great thing is though 1 month from TODAY I will be visiting him :) YAY!!

This post is getting really really long....  We had a great trip and I am sure I'll add more as the week goes on.  I am looking forward to staying really busy at work this week, a busy mind is better. 


  1. Your posts put such a big smile on my face!! I am so happy for you!! :)

  2. Thanks Gina, happy I can make you smile!