Monday, October 17, 2011


It's cold, damp and windy here!! I officially am over living at my mom's house (it hasn't even been a month)!  I want the heat on and peace and quite.

I am really sorry to sound so pissy but I hate it here.  I keep trying to remember that it's better for P's and my unknown future.  But this afternoon I just want to say "F It" and rent an apartment tomorrow! 

It's only been a week and I miss P like crazy, I just want to be near him even if it was at least driving distance. 

 I miss my townhouse and my own space. 
I miss my couch and having my own kitchen. 
I miss my double sink bathroom.  
I miss my own thermostat! 
I miss my independence. 
But most of all I miss P tonight!

Ok so I am feeling much better :)!  Actually Skyped with P tonight.  We had tried on Saturday night with a bad connection.  I was able to use my mom's iPad tonight!  It was really cool to see each others faces.  I felt like I had the hugest smile the whole time!!  Another amazing thing is we have plans locked down for Thanksgiving!!  He has a Crack of Dawn flight in to Chicago and then we are off for two days in Indiana to see his family.  We also talked about stopping by his Alma Mater on the way back to Chicago.  Really excited to spend our first holiday together.

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