Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thurday

  • I will be with P again in 15 days! My threshold for not seeing him is much lower this time. I just want to say FTS with the distance and be together. I am super excited to see where he lives and works, see how pretty the area is, and for the really cute day trip he wants to take to a local winery.

  • That P understands and even laughs when I get upset when he makes a joke about something I always joke about. And agrees (while chuckling) to my new rule that I am the only one who can makes jokes about it! :)

  • That I like my coffee black. I had a serious sweet craving this morning and I saw flavored coffee creamer in my mom's fridge. Holy calories and fat! Yes it was yummy, yet fake tasting, but what a waste of calories. I'd much rather eat a chocolate :)

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