Monday, August 29, 2011

Deep Breaths

I do not like to fly by the seats of my pants, going with the flow, changing the plan...... The idea of moving and not knowing whats ahead is really unnerving to me right now.  I basic had a mini panic attack at work thinking about everything I need to get done.  I think I am really more nervous about what happens next after the move.  I wish my magic ball worked :).  I did manage to get a ton done since I left work early.  Still need to get a bunch more tubs, but it's getting there.  Hopefully the next time I move it's more permanent or the next time I pack it all up have some cutie helping me do it.....

So I am super happy after talking with P tonight!!!!
He thinks they are going to be working during the day not at night now, which means I get talk time at night still. We were laughing like crazy tonight {big smile}.  We are going to the best time home ever when he gets here in October. 

4 days till we're at the ocean, woooowhoooo!

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