Saturday, August 27, 2011


I haven't posted in a few days....since Wednesday I think.  I had a frustrating end of my week.

Wednesday I got a ticket from a rude cop on my way from work to my dad's office.  I won't try to deny that I was speeding (I was spaced out a little) but the cop was weird and ticket's have become super expensive!  $120! 

Then on Thursday I came back to my home, which I rent from my dad, to find a realtor lock box on my door.  I'm like WTH! So I text my dad to see what's up and he's texts me back telling me I have to move out by October 1!  I know he's trying really hard to get Father of the Year award.

Needless to say I of course freaked out.  But now I have a plan in place, people to help me, and a moving date set.  I am going to stay at my mom's until January and see where my life is and decided where to go from there.  I am really sad/nervous to leave my house and move back to my mom's but I am lucky I can.

Shitember is what I am calling September now because P leaves tomorrow for 3 weeks and I know because of his work we won't talk nearly as much and now the move.  My reward at the end though will be 4 amazing days with P!!  WoooooWhoooo!

I did manage to have a fun weekend....Tony Bennett last night in concert at Ravina and swimming today at my mom's with Kim who is an AMAZING woman.  6 more days and my butt will be on the beach!

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