Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rainy Day

Today it poured all. day. long. No joke.

P and I did a ton of texting today. It was fun, it was flirty, it made me want him in the same time zone like crazy.  I also got a super awesome card from him in the mail.  It was sweet and made me love him even more.

Texting is a huge part of our communication.  To me it sort of takes the place of the affectionate things you would do if you saw a person normally.  But our nightly talks are the real "meat and taters" to me.  Tonight P was super tired from work so we barely talked.  I am sort of bummed.... He's leaving for 3 weeks to go to another fort.  He's going to be training/working at night so I am planning in my mind that we won't talk much at all.  I want to squeeze in as much chatting as we can before he goes. 

Changing subjects totally....well sorta.  Before P came to visit in August I went to a new local flower shop, Twisted Stem,  to pick up flowers for my kitchen table.  They were so pretty and the couple that owns the shop are the nicest people ever!

I wish I could go there every week and fill my house with beautiful funky flowers.  I'll keep dreaming :)

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