Sunday, August 21, 2011

Crazy Girl

Sundays always feel like Mondays to me.  I am sure it's because I work every Sunday and its usually my busiest day.  On the way to work today I heard the song by the Eli Young band called Crazy, listen to it here.  It really reminded me of me right now.

I'm so crazy about P but I wonder if I am cut out for the distance.  I can be doubt filled, needy, insecure...oh the list can go on and on.  If my unemotional mind had strength I know he loves me and this can work.  I am really looking forward to us both having Internet and being able to Skye.  Please excuse my insecurity tonight  I really miss him right now :)

OK on to more interesting stuff.  I have a ton of tomatoes from my two plants on my little balcony.  I was planning on making marinara sauce to freeze and use on homemade pizza tonight.  I ran to Wal-Mart across from work to get a food mill.  I usually avoid shopping at Wal-Mart for several reasons but it was so convenient and I really wanted to get home to start the sauce.  I couldn't believe they don't even sell food mills, although they have a huge canning section.  So now I need to hunt one of those down. 

I did get pizza crust made for tomorrow night.  My friend Melissa is coming for dinner.  She really wants to see my house since she's never been here....I have lived in my current home for over 1.5 years which makes it funny.  What's even funnier is it's for rent and I will more than likely moving before the end of the year.  Any who she's coming for dinner and I am making homemade pizza's for us.

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