Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This past weekend was total bliss!  I wish I could have posted about it sooner, but I got a nasty virus on my computer and it was getting fix for the past 5 days.  I finally got it back today...I am sad because all my saved favorite sites are gone.  I know a weird thing to be sad about.

My weekend visiting P was better than I could have ever imagined.  It got off to a really really rocky start though.

Got to the airport 2 hours early, checked in, and found my gate.
Was enjoying my Starbucks when I realized "Gosh we should have boarded"
Found a person from United....
They said my gated had changed!!!
I could see my plan as it pulled away.
Totally sadness
They confirmed me on a flight 7 hours later and put me on a stand-by list for a flight 2 hours later
Walk what felt like a mile to the new gate in high heel boots
Stand-by flight was booked
Walked by what felt like a mile in high heel boots back to original gate
Started losing my mind, got very sad
Gave myself a blood blister from my suitcase
In line for a latte several milk crates full of gallons of milk fell and broke, spattered milk all over my back
Finally got on the plane for the rockiest ride ever
Landed, saw P, got a kiss
All was good again

Needless to say its was a long day.  But made seeing him all that much better.  Since I got there so much later we decided to got straight to his apartment and catch up a little.  Plus I really wanted to brush my teeth...lol.  We went out for dinner at Texas Road house.  It was awesome.  Felt like a normal Friday night date, nothing crazy.  The wait was long but they had the Carrier Classic on and we were able to talk.  Dinner was sooooo yummy.  I seriously think they have crack in their buns and butter!  After we just relaxed back at his place.

Saturday we got a nice lazy start.  I become this totally relaxed person with him.  We went out for breakfast near his house.  It's a place he had wanted to try because they have a big breakfast challenge type thing.  The food was really good.  The potatoes were amazing!  Next time we go there I will probably just get them. From there we headed to the winery.  The tasting was so good.  We really liked one of the whites, and he's planning on bringing some home for Christmas.  They gave us a tour which was extremely interesting.  I feel like we also learned a lot about the area.  From there we went to the post he works on.  He gave me a little tour and we did some shopping.  We decided that going to the grocery store together to get stuff to make for dinner was our favorite part of the whole weekend!  We made a super yummy dinner together and relaxed at home.

I loved that the weekend was fill with low key normal couple stuff.  I feel like we both appreciate everyday such so much since we don't get to to everyday.  The littlest things become so much more special.  Sunday was time to head home again.  Staying good-bye is the worst.  I think no matter how much time we had together it's still really hard.  The awesome thing is he'll be here in 9 days. 

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  1. Oh my goodness - there was this ONE time that I was supposed to be getting on a plane in Phoenix. The exact same thing happened to me (seriously, I had to run nine hundred and fifty two million miles to get to my new gate and was wearing these ridiculously huge Uggs boots) but I made it JUST in time. So traumatizing!!!!
    I'm glad the rest of your visit together went well :) I can't wait to get one of those in pretty soon!!!!