Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Countdown

I always start a serious countdown once I am 10 days from seeing P.  And today my friends is that day! 

10 days until a HUGE kiss and hug
10 days until cooking together
10 days until relaxing next to each other
10 days until a romantic winery trip
10 days until we visit a very old historic cider mill
10 days until utter happiness

{please excuse me I know I am a cheese ball}

In the mean time I am trying to search out groupon and  living social to find a deal for a boot camp.  In the past year-ish I have lost about 45lbs and have sort of hit a plateau.  I would love to kick start loosing more weight and also get more toned.  On top of all of that it would help fill some empty time and maybe help with my HIGH stress levels.  Hopefully I can find one some time this week :)

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