Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A froggy feeling

I have a pretty nasty cold.  Along with having a total frog voice I am running a fever.  Boo!  I stayed home from work yesterday and today was my normal day off.  I forced myself to shower and run errands.  I think once you get moving it can help ya feel better.  I just ran to Target and the dentist.  Nothing exciting except finding awesome new Cool Touch Kleenex's.  Going to Target made me really want to get my tree up.  Hopefully I can on Saturday once I feel a little better and can clean at the afterwards.

If anyone it still taking advantage of Cyber Monday sales today, Victoria's Secret has buy one bra get one half off.  The code is "doubleup"  and free shipping code is "25freeship".  Happy Christmas shopping, or shopping for yourself :)!

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