Friday, December 9, 2011

Skype Stories

So P's ball is tonight.  I am really bummed out that I am not there.  He didn't tell me until shortly before Thanksgiving.  Along with him waiting to tell me about it until there was no possible way to plan to go, it would have also been hard to get time off this time of the year.  I have done pretty well with the distance lately, but today was super duper hard.  I am sure it's because I know he was getting all dressed up and I wasn't going with him.  I am really lucky since he sent a pic of him in his dress uniform and some really sweet text.

My mom and I had planned on making a ton of Christmas cookie dough tonight so we can bake like crazy.  We got 2 types of fudge done and 6 doughs chilling. I also made 12 half pints of body scrub to give as gifts.  I'll post that recipe and photos later.

We haven't seen my sister since July, she lives in Minnesota.  I suggested to my mom that they skype with each other.  So I got my mom, sister, and Steve all set up on skype.  It was really entertaining and awesome to see my sister.

I am grateful to have my mom and Steve around tonight to help keep me busy and not lonely :)

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