Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Sorry for not posting in over a week!!  Trust me no one would have wanted to hear me last Thursday after my upper GI scope.  Lets just say the drugs won.  P was in the field and I could only inform him of what was going on via text.  Texting is not a great form of communication when one person is very drugged up and emotional :)

We did get some answers from the test.  Basically nothing is wrong with my stomach or GI system, but all this "stress"  they seem to think I have is what's causing me all this pain and sickness.  So I am now on some more stuff to help control that and have actually eaten really food in the past week.  I even had PIZZA!! YUMMY!

So this week I am so thankful for.....

This warm snow free winter.  I think it makes everyone happier

P working hard!  Not only had his demanding job but at working on our guest list.

All the big stuff for the wedding is DONE!  All I have now is the fun little details.

I meet with the priest and we are for sure getting married in the Church.  All we have to do for Pre Cana is NFP, which I am doing mine tomorrow night.  I was dreading it, but I listened to the CD portion today and actually found it very interesting.  I'm still not excited to sit in a class for 3.5 hours (on a Friday night) about having sex as a married couple alone....but that's life :)

I am so thankful for awesome bridesmaids that are headed on a shoe search with me on Saturday!  I am sure we will have sooooo much fun!

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