Thursday, February 23, 2012

The weekend update!

P was here over the past weekend, so rather than posting what I am most thankful for this week I thought I would give you all an update on all the fun we are having.

We had one of the best weekends we probably ever have had.  It was much needed time to be together.  We had a fun time registering for the wedding and having our tasting for the reception.  The food was so seriously amazing! Friday night we made homemade pizzas.  I convinced him to let me make one BBQ chicken, of course he liked it.  I made it with chicken I baked in ranch dressing, then shredded.  Topped the pizza with pickled jalapenos, red onion, smoked Gouda cheese, and fresh cilantro...YUM!

 On Saturday we got to celebrate our first Valentines. I surprised him with a couples massage at a local spa, so relaxing!  We also went and ordered our wedding bands and he let me pick out a pair of the coolest earrings for my Valentines gift!  Saturday evening we went to our favorite sushi place and ate an insane amount of the best sushi ever!  We had so much we actually missed making our movie. It was so worth it!  I loved that we laughed and talked rather than just sitting next to each other in the theater.  I also had the most delish martini....Key Lime!  It was soooo yummy! 

Sunday we took the train into the city to meet with our photographers to take our engagement photos.  It was a blast!  They found really cool, off the beaten path places for us.  I'll post some once they send me the teaser.

Monday was time for goodbye.  We had brunch at our favorite place in my hometown.  Then ran a few errands.  Dropping him off at the airport always sucks, but in a way has gotten a little easier since there is an end to this in sight.  Just barely more than 4 months to go. 

After I dropped him off I had to go have oral surgery.  I have about 20 stitches in my mouth.  I took off from work the past few days to recover a little more and am headed back to work today.  I have just been relaxing and working on packing some of the stuff P's parents gave me of his for us to move.

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