Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful.....

P is flying in bright and early tomorrow morning!

We are going to have a weekend filled with lots of FUN wedding stuff!  We are registering, food tasting, and the best part engagement pictures!

P and I are getting to have a belated Valentines on Saturday.  Sushi and a movie.

P is so sweet and bringing me his P90X DVDs so I can whip my body in to shape for this wedding!

I bought my "dressy" top option for the engagement shots and I am a SMALL!  WooooWhooo!!

It's 9:45am and I have already done a load of laundry, cleaned the whole downstairs, made pizza dough for tomorrow night, and a batch of Carmel Salted Peanut Brownies.  I love busy mornings!

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