Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Health Beat

I had a great doctor's appoinment yesterday!  I know this seems crazy, doctors and the word great just don't go together.

I decided to switch docs inside the practice I have gone to for about 15 years.  The doc I was seeing I wasn't even actually getting to see and was only talking and seeing the nurse.  Who by the way has a HUGE bug up her butt!  Any who, I switched yesterday to another doctor who also happens to be a really good family friend.

He is such a great doctor!  He took over an hour with me reviewing all my symptoms, tests, labs etc.  He actually thinks he knows why I am having so much pain.  So I am headed in to the hospital on Thursday for an upper GI scope.  I still have my appointment next week with the surgeon but my new doctor really doesn't think I will need surgery and I will be totally healthy again in time for the wedding and the move!  YIPPY!!

Other than the doctor appointment I had Bunko last night.  It was fun to have everyone so excited for the wedding and the new adventure I will be starting with P in July!  Also go some good recommendations for flowers.

1 comment:

  1. I am so happy for you!!
    It is SO important having a doctor that truly listens and understands.
    Keep us posted on how the scope goes!! And here's to getting healthy :)