Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Big News!

I am finally back!!  What an amazing almost 3 weeks its been.  P's trip home was wonderful, as were the holidays.  Rather than posting every detail here's a rundown of some of the highlights.

  • P finally arrived after a long day of travel due to some icky winter weather
  • Took at day trip to Chicago to enjoy some of the Christmas decorations
Kris Kringle Mart
  • Had Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve.

  •  Spent Christmas Day with his family and watch the Bears Packers game

  • Enjoyed some extra alone time together after Christmas, we spent 5 nights together!
  • Took another trip the the ER for my on going stomach issues.  Having a HIDA scan tomorrow.
  • P met my best friend, her hubby got stuck at work and couldn't make it to dinner.
  • Went to a party at one of P's friends house for NYE.


  • New Years day P proposed!!  We are now engaged!!
Out to dinner to celebrate our engagement with our parents
I can't believe how much has changed so quickly.  We are already doing lots of planning, much more quickly then I think we both thought was going to happen.  

As of right now we are planning on getting married on July 7, 2012.  Which is 6 months from Saturday!  Lots to do!  I know the next few months my blog will be filled with lots of wedding details.  I am beyond excited!