Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Ramblings

The week is finally here!  It's the week P comes!

This also the start of Holy Week.  I went to church tonight at the parish I grew up in. The priest is a riot.  He gave an awesome homily.  Made we want to let go of a lot of the stress I am caring around and use this week as a fresh start.  Not that I am not happy or anything like that, but I have been edgy and getting way to easily upset and taking my stress out on those closest to me.

I am watching the ACM's tonight.  Jason Aldean is singing his new song that I totally love.  Makes me so excited for our drive out to New York this summer and the start of our new life.  The night I met P Jason Aldean was the headliner at the music fest we were at (we did not see him).  Funny because P hates country music and it makes me think about him so much.

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  1. What a crazy night! Amazing how fate works, right? Enjoy your week with Pat and call me soon!