Monday, April 16, 2012

Blessing in Disguise

Sometimes things that seem awful are really just blessings in disguise. 

After some events that happened last week at work P and I talk about our options and decided that it would be best to give my notice on Friday.  After I gave it to my manager I was asked to pack my stuff and leave.  It was heart breaking.  I had no chance to say good-bye to my clients and felt like the past 3 years working for the company was not appreciated at all.

The upside is that I am going to New York for the majority of May.  I am driving out the beginning in May and staying for about 2 weeks.  Coming home for my shower, then flying back for 4 days over Memorial Day weekend. 

P went and checked out the house we thought we were going to rent.  Thank goodness he did because from the 2 pictures he sent and the shape he told me it is in there is no way we will be moving in.  Luckily he gave me the number for a townhouse subdivision right outside of post that has open rentals!!  I think it will be a much better fit.  Well maintained homes, lawn care, snow removal, close to post and shopping!  We are hoping that we can move in while I am out there in a few weeks.  Super excited to start getting settled in to our home.

Saturday my friend Jenny and I went to a bachelor auction that was to benefit a local organization that houses abused women and children.  Jen bought a date and talked with some nice guys.  I bought a fun photo package.  The best part of the night was getting all dressed up!

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  1. It really is funny how things work out sometimes. So happy that everything panned out for you guys... And ps you look great!!