Saturday, September 29, 2012


Our house is so still and quite right now.  P is upstairs sleeping in, which he totally deserves.  He was gone for 4 weeks for pre-deployment training.  This weekend and next he has "4 Days."  We will be heading home to see friends and family next weekend so this weekend will be full of together time and rest.

When he was gone the silence was at times deafening.  Now it's so welcome because I know he's here, relaxed, and we are happy.

 I was out to lunch with a friend while P was gone as was her hubby.  She said that the training was also good for the wives.  It get us ready for months of being alone, months of single parents,and  sole decision makers.  It is a good trial run.  I missed P a lot while he was gone, so much that I left for 10 days to be with my mom in Florida.

 Deployment will be different in that about 10 weeks after he leaves I will be having our baby.  Having the baby without him is at times hugely daunting.  I know I will have my mom here for about 10-14 days and the Douala we hired for the actual birth.  But my husband is missing this huge event and if I allow myself to dwell it breaks my heart.  Which is exactly why I have to focus on the fact thousands of women are in the same boat as me and I know I have the strength to do it.


That was NOT the direction I was planning on heading this morning   I was going to tell you about the awesome taco pizza I made last night, the pretty mist this morning hanging in the changing trees, and the ham and bean soup I have in the crock pot.  I guess this was were my head was.

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