Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday

We didn't move this week, but that means we get to move into a way nice updated town home over Memorial Day weekend!

P indulged my OCD and ran a ton of errands on Saturday buying lots of cleaning and organizational supplies!

P has taken Violet out in the morning before PT while I fall back asleep.

We had a nest of baby birds in our dryer vent.  The maintenance guy told me he had to kill the 3 little birdies, their eyes weren't even open!!!  But then he said he couldn't do it, the local zoo was going to take them.

P has worked so hard at thinning lots of un-needed stuff out and reorganizing some of what he has.  What a trooper!

It has been amazing to have this time to just be like a normal couple and spend time together.  I am so very happy I was able to come out here.

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