Monday, May 7, 2012

Life is GREAT!

I am here in New York!

I arrived on Thursday afternoon, the drive took exactly 14 hours.  I was really surprised how fast it went even with multiple potty/coffee/dog walking stops.  Once I got to P's apartment I was ready to run in pee and throw myself on the couch.... but my lovely fiancee moved the key from our planned hiding spot because he was out of the field on Thursday and thought he'd be home before I arrived.  But I got there before him, 45 minutes later he arrived.  I wanted to kill him!!  I was really tired (up since 1am) and exhausted from the drive.

Minus the minor arrival hiccup the weekend was amazing!  I slept in, which is amazing for me.  Cleaned and started organizing the apartment.  Helped P thin out a lot of stuff and get rid of old paperwork.  We are not moving into the townhouse until I am back for Memorial Day weekend, which is totally ok since it gives us more time to just really move what needs to be and take care of what doesn't.

Friday we went to a Hail and Farewell.  It was nice to meet two wives of guys that P works.  They were both extremely nice.  They had the event at an Italian Heritage Center, the food was really good!  Looking forward to meeting more and more ladies. 

Saturday we ran a million errands...brunch, Gap, joined Sam's Club, Petco, Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Target, PX, and commissary.  Whewwww!

We have cooked some really yummy food.  P now even has some delicious meals in the freezer too!

Today I have a pot luck luncheon with some other wives in a town on Lake Ontario!

This trip already has been the best idea we ever have had, it's a great insight to how great life will be after July!

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