Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Check, Check, Check

I feel like I am in total CHECK mode.  Everything has a list or is on a list that I need to check off.

I have gotten a TON done since I finished working. 

My future mother-in-law came down today.  We went and pick out yarn for a afghan she is making (it's a pretty yellow for our guest bedroom), had lunch at my favorite place, and then stuck on custom labels onto 108 water bottles for our guest bags.  Then her and my mom helped assemble and address all of our wedding invitations, which where also mailed off today.  And we got all the rehearsal dinner invites addressed so I can mail them from New York.

I am super excited to meet some ladies while I am in NY, two lunch dates!!!!  Also was invited to a "Coffee" for P's unit.  It sounds fun, they are making soaps at a local place.  But I have no clue what a "Coffee" entails and it's one of the few weeknights P will be home.  So I am guessing I will pass and go to one once we are married and I have moved out there.

Leaving at 2AM for my loooooong drive on Thursday.  Next post from NY!


  1. I am a compulsive list-maker. safe travels!

  2. The only coffee I went to didn't actually include coffee. haha. It's just a term for Army Wife gathering. No white gloves necessary.