Saturday, March 17, 2012


My blog....

I started this blog last summer right after P and I met.  I thought it would be a great way to journal through our long distance relationship.

Since our engagement it has changed a lot.  For one I am barely posting.  There is a lot of change, both exciting a scary ahead of us.  I am purposely avoiding blogging about it because I feel like my blog has become much less anonymous. 

I feel like I either need to just say what the hell and really publish posts that are about what I think and what's really going on, or I need to start a new blog where I can do that.  Not sure what is best.

On a totally other note I hit 65 pounds lost this week!!  I am feeling awesome with doing P90X (so happy P gave me all the DVD's) and with my diet.  I started making a version of a smoothie I saw on Pinterest.

Delish Smoothie
1/4 C Blackberries
1/4 C Blueberries
1/3 C Strawberries
1/3 C Chopped Pineapple
1/2 of a Banana
1 1/2 C Spinach
1 TB Ground Flax Seed
1/4 C Trop 50 OJ
Just blend everything up and enjoy

Just because I am really proud of myself here is a picture from this week 1 year ago (I had already lost about 20lbs)
Sarasota, FL March 2012        

Here is one from last weekend
Marissa's Baby Shower March 2012


  1. You look great! I am so happy for you. :) Don't you just love P90X? Tony cracks me up. I know your wedding will just be gorgeous!

    1. Thank you so much Elizabeth! Tony is pretty funny and gets me to keep going! It was great to see you last month, your invites are beyond amazing!